On Talenthouse, I am very happy and like to discover artists, spray the love, and blessings. Competition can bring in people's mind some feelings, that is why I will try to always always always love my "mates". Bless Zamor <3 ZAMOR GLENROY from Dominica/Guadeloupe/USA, living in Paris, is an author composer, interpret, Keyboard, drums and bass player. After many years of composing, and playing for other people, Fadila Tatah (Artistic director), and him, decided to produce more music, for many artists and themselves. CASSANDRA HENRY (CASS) - comes from UK to join the team. Their first Album : LOVE ME TOMORROW, offers us diverse musical cultures, blending Reggae, Dancehall, Soul, Soca. They sing in English, French, and Creole-Patois. The musicians: RAS JUMBO (Bassist for Jimmy Cliff, ...) and VI-AVELINO (Guitars) both co-composers of some of TIKEN JAH FAKOLY’s album, LEON TEOQUER (Drummer for RAY LEMA, MANO SOLO, ...), JAMES POWELL (Trumpet) and JOHN HANDELSMAN (Sax), both playing with MANU DIBANGO). ZAMOR GLENROY & CASS : LOVE ME TOMORROW (12 TRACKS : 11 songs with Zamor, 9 songs with Cassandra).