TweakerRay is a producer / musician / Remix artist from germany. In 1999 he formed his first own produced musicproject Spite together with his friend H. Gunawan TweakerRay produced several 1place winning remixes for contests and also official releases for artists like: Gary Numan, Celldweller, Blue Stahli, KiEw, HTDA, Yoav and many more. ReMixing became more than just exchanging some beats of the original song. For TweakerRay remixing is a complete rearrangement and new interpretation of a song: Using mostly only the original vocals and rebuilding a track completly from scratch. This new interpretation and ReMixart by TweakerRay made him quite famous at ReMix-portals such as the official Nine Inch Nails Remix-page: remix.nin.com and also at Celldweller's ReMix-portal fixtremix.com. Here is a interview about TweakerRay's 1st place winning Remix of Celldweller's: The Best It's Gonna Get (TweakerRay Dream ReMix). http://fixtstore.com/news/?p=1291 Here is an article about TweakerRay's 1st place winning remix of Gary Numan: http://www.artrocker.tv/news/article/winner-of-gary-numan-remix-competition-announced