Ooh where to start. I've been all things art since I was about four years old. I've had a love hate relationship with it. I was expected to be an artist as I could draw from when I was tiny and used to come first all the time. I had a lot of trauma in my life as a young teenager and so therefore ignored art for a long time. I passed my art O'level and did little jobs always but never went into it as a career until my 20s when my daughter was born. Since then have dipped in and out. Art is for everyone was my catchphrase when I stared a co-operative in 1990. I got a huge commission for LFC and did 21 murals in six weeks. The problems were I employed others who weren't artists so I did all the work and gave away the money. I earned a lot in those 18 months with a lot of public commissions. Then I had a break from self employment and worked for others, and then in 1996 started a community art gallery called SPICE (before the group). We were promised funding that never came so I made stuff for the gallery, I run it and worked full time to cover the bills. We didn't pay rent as we looked after the building but again unfortunately just like my co-op some of the people I helped turned out to be the lowest of the low, stealing thousands off us. I closed it in 2000 after four straight years of no sleep, a full time job, a community art gallery and big house and most importantly bringing up two girls. After a complete physical and mental breakdown I moved house and went back to college to do a post graduate in multimedia. It was one of the best things I've ever done because it gave me a chance to breathe. I ended up then running loads of computer suites in run down areas and then briefly worked for a blue chip company as an analyst. Silly money but not creative and I was bullied by a small stout dwarfette called Natasha Moffat Taylor who worked her way through the staff such was her bile. My nephew took his life and my sister got cancer. After her death I was lost then sadly since 2008 I have every single year lost one or two people I love. Now there's just me. My last brother died in September this year. My mum a few years before that. My brothers, sisters, aunts uncles, cousins and friends all gone. So I have gone back into art. I've done many public commissions and have skills in all forms of the arts. I've worked for Paul McCartney in LIPA his school in Lpool. I've had my work on TV and have many public commissions under my belt. Too many private ones. Most of my connection in art is about helping others. Or trying at very least. I believe that when a person is being creative they struggle to be destructive. I've made cushions to promote sexual health, helped substance abuse an sexual abuse victims and survivors being one myself as well as helping with art. From doing portraits to murals to allowing people to discover their own creativity. I held many exhibitions for "ordinary artists" No such thing but I had my gallery just like Talent house to give the talented a chance not because of who they know. I can do anything including sculpture, specialise in portraits, murals 3D murals for kids rooms and batik. I am proud to talk about my mental health issues regarding my problems caused by multiple bereavements. I have never let any of my disabilities get in the way of a deadline. Thank you for reading. I put that photo up of me because it's far from flattering but it's how I look now. I did catwalk modelling when younger and hated it. Beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder and very often skin deep. Take a look at my website where there is a tiny fraction of my commissions.