I am the essence of music. I embody what an artist really is. Artist may paint similar pictures but none exactly the same. I paint pictures that you can see vividly through my music. I'm very meticulous when it comes to my music. I'm my biggest critique and must say very hard on myself. I love attacking new tracks and making them sound as far away from the norm of what you may have thought the song should sound like. If you wanna make music I'm easy to work with because that's all I think about. People remember and respect my word play and my passion in my songs. They remember me for how they relate to my music, and the passionate performances I give them. I love Chicago drill music but my main objective is to show the world outside of our city that there is more to us than just violence. We also have real issues going on here. Homeless children, parents on drugs, children having children. I don't want to just describe to you the violence in our city, I also want to describe the beauty In It also. This is how I am different. I'm set apart from your typical Chicago rapper because I want to get back to the fans listening to lyrics instead of just the beat. I would consider my music,though at times graphic but, still very soulful and identifiable. The most important thing to me is being heard. Music paints a point of time for me in history. I can classify points of my life by certain songs. I want my music to have that impact on people, where they can say that they remember one of my particular song during a certain time in there life. I love all music but I want the world to understand that Chicago is a melting pot that pushes out all genres of music, not just the drill/violent music. The reason I'm fit to satisfy this particular audience is because the music I make I grew up on. Its what I would describe as Soul Street Music. I'm talking about experiences and what I see on a day to day basis. Or maybe what my peers around me see and experience on the day to day basis. I feel like I can speak for the average Chicago guys. I grew up on old school music, along with hip hop and some gospel. Who better to tell the stories I'm telling that people can actually relate to besides someone who has actually been through everything I'm telling you. I'm the perfect candidate for the job. I do music because its my first love. Its what woke me up as a child and put me to sleep. My parents especially my father are big music lovers. Sunday mornings I can remember waking up to music blasting. Music to me is more important than anything because its something that I feel all our souls relate to with the right song. Music can determine your mood at times. My passion is music all kinds and just to be able to have a talent and then go share it with people that actually appreciate it is the greatest feeling in the world. I am Smoke Owl the Artist literally. I paint pictures through music that people can relate too on each level, but especially for hip hop lovers. I want people to listen to my music and be able to feel and hear my passion through song.