My name is Rijan Hamidovic, I was born in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1984 during the Olympic games, and Sarajevo is the city where i currently live. I speak two languages, English and German and currently my main/professional occupation is Graphic Design/Photo editing/ Retouching/ as a Freelancer. I've spent most of my life working on any kind of creative things, nothing could get my attention unless it was something creative. My big passion was and still is music, guitar, composing music. But at some point in life I found out that i love photography, retouching, manipulating pictures, creating something new, designing. Connecting all those creative skills, I'm trying always to come up with something new, crazy, never seen before, It doesn't matter If it's photography, graphic design, designing or creating anything that's on my mind. Being creative is something that fulfills my life, gives me freedom to dedicate my self, give more than 100%, and helps me find my peace In times where peace cannot be seen any near. While working on a project I always give more than 100% because only than i can be satisfied with the end result, and only than I'm happy. My inspiration comes as a blessing from God. The One who gave me the chance to be creative, blessed me with great parents, family, my beautiful wife, my dear friends, who supported me always no matter what, no matter where, and it didn't matter what it takes, and I am really grateful to God that i have the chance to share my life with all of them. How i see myself in the future? I will be always grateful to God for this beautiful life, keep my family and my friends together, be the best husband and one day soon a great dad, and do everything i can do get better at what i do, exploring creative things, creating, making people happy with my designs. Rijan