I've always enjoyed being creative, it's a wonderful way of living, I never stop working. It is great to have platforms like Talenthouse to show some of my art and connect with other artists. I have my first graphic novel out, ‘TOWARDS THE PATH’ - a journey into the path of an unsuspecting individual, unaware of his own self-esteem finds something hidden away while uncovering this gift from the time he finds out that not everything in his life is what he thinks. While hidden within our timepieces for many years. They have been observing the humans for as long as life began, studying and waiting for the right one to find them. It is now time to go on the journey and you’re invited - this storybook art landscape offers you a small holiday away from everyday life into a strange mythical world full of hope, love, action, and death, come along with Rean and the others read how they try and save lives from the negative nasty’s and hold back the cutters from total destruction of everything good. Alongside the story within the book are placed ink drawings of very strange looking beings This is an art injected action fantasy love story, Patrick's first published story, within his paintings lives many mysteries, within his words dance many a tale, so come along for a journey like no other. grab a copy https://www.amazon.co.uk/Towards-path-Patrick-OMalley-Burke/dp/0987773984/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1424209048&sr=8-4&keywords=towards+the+path all the best Patrick