My name is Nikki, and I'm an aspiring artist, writer and film director. I have had a very hard life. When I was young, all the way until I was almost 18, I was physically and verbally abused by my father. My mom and I left him roughly 3 years ago, and now we live with my grandmother. I thought leaving him would get me away from the abuse, but it hasn't. My grandmother is constantly berating me and my mom, calling us names and threatening to kick us out whenever we don't act as her servants. It's horrible here and I can't bear to see my mom in so much torment. I'm hoping every day that I can catch a big enough break to get my mom away from these people. Everything I do is for her, for us, and getting away from this life that I've been enduring for far too long. Please, if you would like to commission me, let me know of a way to get noticed somehow, or just talk to me, contact me either via this site or my deviantART page, found under the Website link. I'm desperate for any type of help. Thanks so much, and I hope you like my artwork.