Nathália Suellen (born 20 February 1989) is a contemporary fine artist and commercial illustrator based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Entirely self-taught, Suellen’s developed a distinctive visual language from a combination of dark art and pop-surrealism. Her current artworks are born from a high-detailed mixture of photography, 3D and digital painting showing a signature style that blends symbolism, retro-futurism, death and dystopia with extremely colorful surrealistic worlds. Her main characters are often captured in scenes where something sad is about to happen, as if they were trapped in a bad dream. Despite her personal illustrations, Nathália is mostly known by her commercial works and a notable clientele list which consists of musicians, photographers, best-selling writers as well as major companies including Random House, Penguin Group, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, McCann Erickson, Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Harry N. Abrams Books. --- Selected Clients Random House Direct Brands Inc. Penguin Group Simon & Schuster Scholastic Mccann Erickson Little Brown Books Harry N. Abrams Books Bloomsblury Publishing Harper Collins Publishing GreenWillow Books Orion Publishing Group BMG Columbia House Orbit / Yen Press Imagine Publishing Bundoran Press Entangled Publishing Random House Children’s Books SpencerHill Press Tantor Audio Studios Disdained (Rambo/SonyMusic) Alpine Fault (Rare Breed Records) Raven Quinn (Corvus Entertainment Record) Noturna (Hellion Records) Dark Moor (Scarlet Records) Secret Sphere (Nuclear Blast) Almah (Scarlet Records)