Myriam Elorza Mendia, singer of international experience. Diploma in Singing in Spain (San Sebastian) with postgraduate studies in France (Toulouse), Spain (Madrid, Vitoria, Barcelona), Portugal (Matteus) and Switzerland (Lausanne). Specializing in Baroque music, lieder and contemporary music. From his childhood in the Basque Country, has sung in numerous choirs of great prestige (Orfeon Donostiarra, Itsasoinua, etc..), Then with the Capella Peñaflorida and other groups specializing in early music. After many performances On Visual Music ©, in Liguria as in other Italian regions) is happily landed in the difficult interpretation of the poems sound futuristic and contemporary. Although in artistic performances it does not disdain swing interpretations of composers like Gershwin, Richard Rogers, Arthur Schwartz and Bart Howard.