I am a Colombian illustrator and Art Director, currently based in Bogotá. My work is a tribute to the fauna, flora, and biodiversity of our planet. Animals, plants, diverse habitats, colors, textures, and shapes are my inspiration, sometimes they seem to be of another world. My biggest influences come from the work of artists like Albertus Seba, Ernst Haeckel, and Mark Catesby; zoologists, naturalists, botanists, and even philosophers, who created a connection between art and science to help the study and classification of the species. Another very important reference for me is The Botanical Expedition of The New Granada (now the Republic of Colombia) led by José Celestino Mutis between the 17th and 18th centuries. From meticulous observation and research, I create my images using traditional media like watercolors and drawing. By distancing myself from digital design techniques, my illustrations distinguish for its intense colors and rich textures, generating dynamic and vivid patterns.