Artist | Freelancer: Art - Photography - Mediadesign - Craftwork - Interiordesign - Event management - Sorcery & other things - All images © Laetitia Mantis. Prints of my works can be found in my Ateliershop on etsy (see second "Website" link). I do work commission work. E x h i b i t i o n s RELEASED Black Whitsun – Monopol Leipzig Goes Black (group show). Wave Gotik Treffen 2017. June 2nd – 5th . Galerie Bipolar, Leipzig. RITES OF ELEUSIS (solo exhibition). April 15th 2017. Kassberg Gewölbe Chemnitz. LAST EXIT FOR THE LOST (group show). Butow Maler, Its A Gas, Jenly, Seventh Sin, Laetitia Mantis & Kata Maler. June – September 2014. ATELIER ABRAXAS. Leipzig. BLOODY ROOTS & THE ARRIVAL (solo exhibition, photo installation). May – September 2014. Helheim. Leipzig. TEUFELSWERK (solo exhibition). August – September 2012, Galerie OutOfMyMind, Bremen. EleMENTAL (solo exhibition). A Retrospective. 2012. Schloss Knauthain. Leipzig. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY (group show). NSK-Staat-Kollektiv, Holger Karas, Jonathan Evans, Veronica Moto, Barbara Lamoot, Laetitia Mantis, Bettina Tita. May – July 2011. Kulturny Dom Born 31 (Ex-Ur-Eigen+Art). Leipzig. TEUFELSWERK (group show). Holger Karas & Laetitia Mantis. Music: DJs SeventhSin & Nymix. March 26th 2011. Club 1880. Leipzig. HALL OF FAME (group show). C.eS., Thorsten Gebhardt, Laetitia Mantis, Christian Lebrecht. Vitali Geyer. April – May 2009. Galerie theARTer. Berlin. NOTES FROM A DYING CULTURE (solo exhibition). Special vernissage guest: Foresta di Ferro (line-up: Marco Wertham, John Murphy). March – April 2009. Galerie theARTer. Berlin. KULTURTERROR & TEUFELSWERK (solo exhibition). Special vernissage guest: svril/Foresta di Ferro feat. John Murphy. February – March 2009. Galerie theARTer. Berlin. Exhibition trailer. OPEN THE GATES (group show). Jack Malebranche, Laetitia Mantis, Stephanie Crabe, Daniel & Melissa Byrd, Jason Leach et al. Host: David E. Williams. October – November 2008. Germ Gallery. Philadelphia. PA. USA.