Name: Lady Catherine Parsons Profession: Professional Artist Business And Logo Name: LCP Art & Design Artwork Type: Sacred Geometry, Impressionism, Abstract, Realism, Surrealism, 3D, Gem Stone, Spiritual Art, Channeled Art, Digital, and other. Mediums: Digital, Poster Board, Canvas, and other. Some Works Include: Classical album cover, Roger Davidson 'Mandala'. 7" sleeve cover, Black Sabbath, 'Age Of Reason' titled 'Shattered Extinction'. 7" sleeve cover, Elton John, 'Bennie And The Jets' titled 'Graffiti - Solid Wall Of Sound'. T-shirt, Black Sabbath, titled 'The Ascending Evolution Of Black Sabbath'. Artwork Available: Personal Commissioned Art, Business Commissioned Art - CD Covers, Logos, Web Site Design, Book & Magazine Covers, Desktop Wallpaper, Interior Design, Wall Designs, and Non-Commissioned Art Resale. Websites: The Art Of Lady Catherine Parsons - Professional Artist www.ladycatherineparsons.com LCP Art & Design www.lcpartdesign.com The Universe Series - A Visual Journey Of Enlightenment And Healing. www.ladycatherineparsons.com/universeseries As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.