I'm no cookie cutter pop star wanna be. I make music because I love music. I make the music I love. I am fearless, open to experimentation and writing in multiple genres. I want to break your heart and lift your spirits. I consider visual imagery an important component in addition to my music. I am an 18 year old singer/songwriter from the New York/New Jersey area. I sing, play guitar, and a bit of the keys. I write, perform and produce my own music, film my own videos and enjoy collaborating with other musicians. I have also been the lead singer in two popular local bands - an 8 piece ska punk band called Downtown Hour that performed in many local venues and Obama Lasagna, a 5 piece rock band that plays all original material. I am young, motivated, prolific and constantly learning and trying to improve each song as I grow. I recently graduated from high school, where I was enrolled in a special FPAC program (Fine and Performing Arts) and won multiple awards and honors for my music in and outside of school. I am planning on attending college in Fall 2014, but would love to skip all that and become a music industry success.