Katrina Iosia is a New Zealand born Niuean artist born and raised in Waitakere, Auckland. She received a Bachelor of Design Visual Arts; majoring in contemporary art, a Postgraduate diploma in secondary teaching, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Design. Currently, she continues to explore the notions of engagement in new media, developing a uniquely immersive experience, using augmented reality. Here you will understand her works that continue to evolve, pushing the boundaries. By establishing methods through her practice, understanding the physical properties of the material, and how the same principles can be augmented into digital programs. Through intuitive creations, she is able to experience full immersion in virtual reality (VR). Here she translates the physical characteristics into organic forms, then implementing it into augmented reality (AR) to test its newfound properties. Being able to work consecutively in sequences, Iosia created works using different programs, creating a shared interactive experience using our mobile devices. Her current works are in the menu ‘Mixed reality’.