Hello guap@s, I'm Karla. I was born in Mexico but currently I'm living in USA. Here I had the blessing of having enough time to pursue my true passion, art. For some time I wander around illustration, painting and drawing but one fine day I discover paper cut art and started giving it a try, there's no more to say that I fall in love with this media. I think the possibilities are wide and the results are very interesting, plus the materials needed are few (time and patience are some of them). Now here I am, hoping to connect with more people that share the same love that I feel for art. What I dream is to be able to sustain myself trough art, I'm working hard toward my goal, I know that there's a lot of folks with the same desire, if that's the case I send you, in this very moment, a ton of good vibes and wish you the best luck... let's catch our dream together.