Illustrator and would be author, just started writing a children's book based on a character that I drew and fell in love with. My style is stylised and detailed. I love drawing intricate details, and am inspired by gardens, secret spaces, flora and fauna, always draw by hand and am always open to commissions and challenges. I'm always scribbling something on anything, love to draw, love to grow things and create things. B.A.(HONS) DEGREE in CONTEMPORARY APPLIED ARTS, two sons, two granddaughters, a Stephen King fan, Marvel fan, love most foods except celery, its evil, love most living things, except spiders, terrified of spiders, and heights. Have an allotment, have a cat, inspired by everything it seems. This is me so far. You can find me on Facebook under 'The Little House of Birds'. I am not as manic as I sound, but have a passion for life, and I forgot to mention that I love meeting new people, random conversations at bus stops and growing things, I always get excited when i see such incredible things magically appear from such a tiny seed.