I first found my love for Art & Design at an early age. As far back as I can remember I would just draw anything and everything. I would pick out my favorite image from a comic book and copy it, or I would come home from the cinema and would put pencil to paper and re-imagine my favorite scene. I excelled in Art at school and as a result it didn’t take long to realize that a career in the creative world was most certainly for me. So I took what skills I already had and head off to College and University. After 4 years of intense study, I graduated with a National Diploma in Graphic Design and a HND in multimedia. Since then I have met some inspiring people, worked within a wide variety of projects and have had the most fun along the way. Today I work as a freelance Designer, with a hand in as many creative outlets as possible, including - Branding, web design, illustration, graphics, video & motion graphics. When I'm not working on the next big project for my clients, I am still glued to my computer working on personal projects or staying up to date with the latest design trends and techniques. With a huge passion for design and being creative, I constantly strive on building my own skills and style to enable myself to deliver the very best as a designer.