João Bispo is a self-taught musician and sound artist based in Lisboa, Portugal, whose practice involves a deconstruction of compositional techniques in music while keeping with the record format. The experimentation with the arrhythmic, the erratic, the disharmonious as compositional elements of otherwise harmonious pieces, as symbolic embracing of spontaneity and frailty are part of the experience of music as a form of art and expression. His first record “Dreaming of Sleeping Angels” had favorable reviews in Portuguese music newspaper Blitz. He attended a course in audio engineering at Academia Áudio da Graça, Lisboa. He lived in Lima, Peru from 2012 to 2015. There he worked in projects related to visual arts as a production assistant for exhibits and fabric arts workshops and as an illustrator. He created the artist community El Vals del Conejo, dedicated to music, hosting and supporting the works of artists from Finland, the United Kingdom and Indonesia. He composed the soundtrack for documentary ‘MASAS’, for contemporary dance piece ‘Grietas’, among other works. He attended the course for the management and production of performative arts in Forum Dança, Lisboa (CGPAE2019). He participated as an invited sound artist in contemporary dance improvisation sessions which bore fruit to an informal collective presentation, composed and produced the soundtrack for Ana de Albuquerque’s short film ‘P.S. – Ama-te’ which was premiered in the Dance Short Film Fest at Teatro da Malaposta and recently presented at the Blue Elephant Theater in London. Currently he is researching rhythmic noise and dissonant tones as physical vibration triggers for emotional response, having released two live performance logs into this theme, and has a project planned for a research residency involving audio registering of social environments for use as compositional elements towards ephemeral artistic objects.