School Nurse by Day, Artist After Hours Milk Drinker, hydrates on gothic and magical whimsies Harry Styles, a creepy doll in a thrift store, a friend you'd never thought you'd meet, fro yo or cafe shops, horror movies, a great pun, my thoughts on "In Search of Fellini" paint exactly how I feel about stumbling upon Talent House---serendipitous excitement, which is the same way I hope you feel upon finding yourself on my page. Art puts the IV in live, and it's what keeps my blood pumping. I love seeing what others create, and it challenges and inspires me to explore my own personal creative style. I like atypical ideas and using multi media to try to keep my creative gears chugging away. When they need oiling, I look to vegging out with my family, fairy tales, and watching movies to get some inspiration. More than happy to be part of this creative community :)