Who’s jp A. K. A. Skullface Jerome Peschard A. K. A Skullface, French exiled in Asia since the 2010s. Self-taught was influenced by the universe «Pop Culture-Urban-Comics», I attach an importance to the illustration, the texture, the support which allow me to express my Asian everyday life with its risks and by-products, mixing fiction and reality: it is also the entanglement of the frustrating and ceaseless stream of my thoughts… Professional since 35 and in the field of comics, multimedia, animation and the toy! It is naturally with these codes which I try to put has flat my thoughts and to concentrate my last 50 years has to paint for my pleasures. Painted in Vietnam my collections " DESIRED EAST / WEST, on 2017 ", " SOUL LIGHT, for end 2018 beginning 2019 “ I produce myself my collections and exhibitions, I paint specifics demands for my customers, restaurants, Bars, private collectors, wall fair, (wall and work art session), Technique: oil painting, acrylic spray on support (medium) in sheet steel of coffering has recycled concrete ciment of the development of the anarchy construction has Ho Chi Minh City in correlation with my compositions images and stories which in my work allows to express at best my own experience in this country before discovering it others!