Diesel, Pictoplasma, Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide (Lürzer's Archive), Institut Bernard Magrez, Urban Spree, Noisey (Vice Magazine), Cultura, Collective Arts Brewing, Stickerbomb, Behance Galleries (Adobe), Inkygoodness, ∞                Combining traditional and digital magic to create pop surrealist and psychedelic hybrids of intimate and collective mythologies, I leave indeterminacy areas for the viewer's own mythology to resonate freely with it.       I have explored creativity, through drawing, painting, sculpture, music, graphic design, animated GIFs, photo, storytelling, sculpting and research. As an artist and illustrator, I do my best to breach through the viewer's rational mind, and widen that gate to the things on which words slip, but that feelings can describe. Feel free to contact me  :)