Digital Artist and Visual Designer, I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me. ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: I come from Italy and I am 32 years old. I studied Visual Arts at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, and after I moved to the multicultural and artistic city of Berlin, where I studied German, photography and I took a career-oriented training and coaching course. After that and thanks to my creativity, my attention to details and my ability to illustrate different themes, I had the possibility to work as an illustrator, photographer, model freelancer and at the same time in art galleries and fashion agencies. I realized spontaneously many art exhibitions, both in Italy and in Berlin, and I won several International competitions, that have been published in Italy, Austria, Portugal, United States, Finland, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, France and Metaverse. In 2017 I came back to Italy to study Digital Design & Communication in Vicenza, Italy. Today, finally, I deal with digital art and visual design. ARTIST STATEMENT: The perfect geometric figure, the circle, is broken in the representation of my logo. This symbol is my mirror: it reflects myself and my vision of the world and it is always associated with my slogan “I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me”. I have always felt unsatisfied with today's society's communication. I have felt imperfect for many years in a world that would want me to be too perfect and promotes values of absolute perfection (bodies, thoughts, job career, family…) until, after years and years, I simply learned to accept myself and turn all my inadequacy into a plus. I bring the same poetics into digital art. I began to distort everything I was given by society: everything seems to be too perfect, too schematic, too pre-set, too symmetrical and at the same time so terribly unreal. I simply try to give life to an environment where, thanks to my art, I can feel more comfortable and real. My artworks arise from the same amount of imperfection, from a sort of "digital error": I invert standardized processes that should lead everyone to the same result; I manipulate specific digital operations (more and more times) that always lead me to a different conclusion, if not opposite, to the one that this process would have produced if I hadn't tried to get involved, to interact with it. I don’t settle for the visible world, I don’t want to be passive, I think that nothing is absolute. Breaking the rules of standardized processes I gave birth to my artworks: they are always different from each other, irreversible and unrepeatable. WORK EXPERIENCE: 2011-2013: model for Fashion Agency "4Model", Milan, Italy. 2013-2017: model for "EXTRAS Berlin", Berlin, Germany. 2013-2017: model for "Agentur Wanted", Berlin, Germany. 2013-2017: model for "Filmgesichter", Berlin, Germany. 2013-2017: freelance model and illustrator, Berlin, Germany. 2014: gallery assistant, "Pink Zeppelin Gallery", Berlin, Germany. 2016-2017: photographer and collaborator for "Berlino Magazine" Berlin, Germany. 2019-2020: visual designer for Oliver Design Lab, Thiene, Italy. 2021: digital designer, social media manager, e-mail marketing manager, S. Vito di Leguzzano, Italy. INSTRUCTION: 2004-2009: High School (address Humanistic) “Niccolò Tron”, Vicenza, Italy. 2009-2012: Degree at European Institute of Design (IED), Visual Arts | Illustration and Animation, Milan, Italy. 2013-2014: Private school of German BSI private Sprachschule, Berlin, Germany. 2015: Individual Coaching and professional Training at Gaetan-data GmbH, Berlin, Germany. 2015-2016: Photography course with photographer Paolo Lafratta, Berlin, Germany. 2016: Street Photography course with photographer Anna Agliardi, Berlin, Germany. 2017: Photojournalism course with photojournalist Gianluca Pardelli, Berlin, Germany. 2017-2019: Diskos | School of graphic, digital design and Communication, Vicenza, Italy. EXHIBITIONS: 2023: Artcrush Gallery | Brussels, Belgium. 2023: Artcrush Gallery | Ghent, Belgium. 2023: Back Box Nft Art Festival | NFT NYC | The Lower Draw Gallery | NY, U.S.A 2023: NFT NYC | Artsits Village | NY, U.S.A 2023: Curated selection of crypto artists to represent "LOVE" the Valentine's Day event | "Goat Studio" Art Gallery | Toronto, Canada. 2023: Crypto Art Exhibition in 106 Convenience Store | Art Crush Gallery Project | Belgium. 2023: #DANY 2023 | Neal Digital Gallery | Beijing, China. 2023: #DANY2023 event on New Years Eve | Neal Digital Gallery | Beijing, China. 2022: NFT UK | London, Great Britain. 2022: NFT London Week | London, Great Britain. 2022: Bolzano Art Week | Bozen, Italy. 2015-To date: "Get rich of our reciprocal differences" | Artistic Installation | Museum of European Cultures | Berlin, Germany. 2022: NFT NYC | Superchief Gallery | NY, U.S.A. 2022: First Multi Location NFT Event in Italy | Sewer Nation Curation | Milan, Italy. 2022: Metaverse Biennale | Zealous curation | Spatial.io 2022: COMICON (OFF) International Pop Culture Festival | Naples, Italy. 2022: "Sensuability & Comics" | Casa del Cinema | Rome, Italy. 2022: #ARTEINVISIBILE | First Italian AR Exhibition | OVR 2022: First edition NFT Paris | Breezy Curation | Paris, France. 2022: "Cognitive Awareness" | Breezy curation | Spatial.io 2022: Second community box | World Of V NFT marketplace curation | Kunstmatrix 2022: First community box | World Of V NFT marketplace curation | Kunstmatrix 2022: "DIGITAL FUTURES" | Portion Gallery, Decentraland. 2022: "Interaction" | Cose belle Festival | cosebellefestival.it 2021: "STOP" | Tapirulan Illustrators Contest | tapirulan.it 2020: "Autocertificazioni illustrate" | Rome, Italy . 2017: "Berlin REPORTAGE | Cafè Aroma Photogalerie | Berlin, Germany. 2015-2017: "Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin" | Museum of European Cultures | Berlin, Germany. 2016: "ART-MAP" International Art Festival | Ponte de Lima, Portugal. 2016: "Borders Festival" International festival of art and architecture | 15th Venice Biennale | Venice, Italy. 2016: "INSIDE-OUT Berlin" | Cafè Aroma Photogalerie | Berlin, Germany,. 2015: "BUNNY RELEASE PARTY" | FluxBau Radio Station | Berlin, Germany. 2014: "Makers Market" | Berlin, Germany. 2013: "Month of Performance Art Berlin" | Berlin, Germany, 2013: "Restart: worlds (I'm)possible" International competition of microart | Urban Center | Monza, Italy. 2013: "Where is Jesus?" | Berlin, Germany. 2013: "Untertitel Bar" | Berlin, Germany. 2012: "Cafè Marcello" | Berlin, Germany. 2012: "Time To Play, Vinyl art and music" | Vicenza, Italy. 2012: "Majiro Cafè" | Vicenza, Italy. 2012: "Informa giovani" | Vicenza, Italy. AWARDS 2022: Selection | "Le Catalogue des Maudits" | Istituto Amedeo Modigliani and Modigliani NFT Project | Rome, Italy. 2022: First place | "NFTModigliani x NFT Spaghetti" | Istituto Amedeo Modigliani & Modigliani NFT Project | Rome, Italy. 2022: First place | "Sensuability & Comics" | Rome, Italy. 2017: Special Mention | International photography contest "Aci Pistoia Photo Contest" | Pistoia, Italy. 2015: First place | "TeamBackpack: express with an artwork what Hip Hop means to you" | Los Angeles, U.S.A 2014: First place | “The Prosperity Index Legatum: illustrate human values for a better future” | London, Great Britain. 2013: Special mention | International Competition "Sergio Fedriani: life is a dream. Traveling. Fantastic snapshots” | Genoa, Italy. 2013: Special mention | International Competition "EurHope-Images of the Future" | Genoa-Milan, Italy. 2012: First place | Won International competition "The Traveler's metamorphosis" | Milan, Italy. 2012: Special mention | International competition "AntharesCoffeePrize" | Trieste Espresso EXPO, Trieste, Italy