Digital Artist, Crypto Artist and Visual Designer, I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me. Model for Fashion Agency "4Model", Milan, IT, 2011-2013 Model for "EXTRAS Berlin", Berlin, DE, 2013-2017 Model for "Agentur Wanted", Berlin, DE, 2013-2017 Model for "Filmgesichter", Berlin, DE, 2013-2017 Collaboration with the art gallery "Pink Zeppelin Gallery", Berlin, 2014 Freelance Fotomodel/Illustrator, Berlin, 2013-2017 Collaborator and photographer for "Berlino Magazine" Berlin, 2016-2017 Model for "Autentika hostesses and models", 2016-2017 Visual Designer for Oliver Design Lab, Vicenza, 2019-2020. Digital Designer, E-mail marketing Manager & Social Media Manager for AMG Spa, Vicenza, 2021- INSTRUCTION: High School “Niccolò Tron”, Schio (VI). Post graduate at European Institute of Design in Milan (IED), in Illustration and Animation. Private school of german "BSI private Sprachenschule", Berlin, 2013-2014. Individual coaching and professional training at Gaetan Data,Berlin,2015. Photography course with photographer Paolo Lafratta, Berlin, 2015-2016. Street Photography course with photographer Anna Agliardi, Berlin, 2016. Photojournalism course with photojournalist Gianluca Pardelli, Berlin, 2017. Facebook course with Walter Ronzani, Megahub, Schio, 2017. User Experience (UX) workshop with Matteo Fanchin, Megahub, Schio, 2017. Diskos-School of digital design & Communication, Vicenza, 2017-2019. ARTIST BIOGRAPHY: I come from Italy and I am 31 years old. I studied Illustration at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Milan, and after I moved to the multicultural and artistic city of Berlin, where I studied German, photography and I took a career-oriented training and coaching course. After that and thanks to my creativity, my attention to details and my ability to illustrate different themes, I had the possibility to work as an illustrator, photographer, model freelancer and at the same time in art galleries and fashion agencies. I realized spontaneously many art exhibitions, both in Italy and in Berlin, and I won several International competitions, that have been published in Italy, Austria, Portugal, United States, Finland, Great Britain and Germany. In 2017 I came back to Italy to study Digital Design & Communication in Vicenza, Italy. Today, after many sacrifices, I deal with digital art and visual design. ARTIST STATEMENT: The perfect geometric figure, the circle, is broken in the representation of my logo. This symbol is my mirror: it reflects myself and my vision of the world and it is always associated with my slogan “I try to find beauty in things that are imperfect. Like me”. I have always felt unsatisfied with today's society's communication. I have felt imperfect for many years in a world that would want me to be too perfect and promotes values of absolute perfection (bodies, thoughts, job career, family…) until, after years and years, I simply learned to accept myself and turn all my inadequacy into a plus. I bring the same poetics into digital art. I began to distort everything I was given by society: everything seems to be too perfect, too schematic, too pre-set, too symmetrical and at the same time so terribly unreal. I simply try to give life to an environment where, thanks to my art, I can feel more comfortable and real. My artworks arise from the same amount of imperfection, from a sort of "digital error": I invert standardized processes that should lead everyone to the same result; I manipulate specific digital operations (more and more times) that always lead me to a different conclusion, if not opposite, to the one that this process would have produced if I hadn't tried to get involved, to interact with it. I don’t settle for the visible world, I don’t want to be passive, I think that nothing is absolute. Breaking the rules of standardized processes I gave birth to my artworks: they are always different from each other, irreversible and unrepeatable. AWARDS AND EXHIBITIONS Selected to be part of the collection "Le Catalogue des Maudits" by Istituto Amedeo Modigliani | Modigliani NFT Project, Rome, 2022. Won NFT community contest "NFTModigliani", Open call by Istituto Amedeo Modigliani & Modigliani NFT Project, Rome, 2022. Won Contest 2021-2022 "Sensuability & Comics", sponsored by Rai Cinema, Comicon, Ministero della Cultura, Regione Lazio. Exhibition at "Casa Del Cinema", Rome, 2022. Exhibition at COMICON, Naples, 2022. Special Mention for the International photography contest "Aci Pistoia Photo Contest", 2017. Won International contest "TeamBackpack: express with an artwork what Hip Hop means to you."sponsorewd by Talenthouse. Exhibition for the event "MISSION UNDERGROUND", print on poster, publication on websites and social media, certificate by Talenthouse, Los Angeles, 2015. Won International competition “The Prosperity Index Legatum: illustrate human values for a better future”. Exhibition in a ‘gallery-style’ at Legatum Institute offices in Mayfair, London, 2013-2014. Publication on websites and social media. Special mention for the International Competition "Sergio Fedriani: life is a dream. Traveling. Fantastic snapshots”. Exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, 2013. Publication on websites, social media and catalogs. Special mention for the International Competition "EurHope-Images of the Future", exhibition at Palazzo Ducale, Genoa, and at WOW - Museum of Comics and' Illustration, Milan, 2013. Publication on websites, social media and catalogs. Won International competition "The Traveler's metamorphosis" sponsored by the Association of Illustrators and Credito Valtellinese Group. Exhibition at Palazzo delle Stelline, Milan, 2012. Publication on websites, social media and catalogs. Special mention for the International competition"AntharesCoffeePrize", exhibition for all the duration of Trieste EXPO, Trieste, 2012. Publication on websites and recognition medal. First edition - NFT Paris 22.01.22: BREEZY curation corner presented a curated selection of "Mint Gold Dust", Hackatao, Giant Swan, Whale Community. "DIGITAL FUTURES", metaverse exhibition with a selection of crypto artists from all over the world, curated by Portion in the Decentraland Marketplace. "Autocertificazioni illustrate", Rome, October 2020. REPORTAGE-Collective Photo exhibition,in collaboration with Berlino Magazine,at Cafè Aroma Photogalerie, Berlin, April-July 2017. Artistic Installation for the project "Erfüllbare Träume? Italienerinnen in Berlin" at the Museum of European Cultures, Berlin, 2015-2017, in collaboration with the Italian Institute od Culture and the Association "Network Women Berlin". Publication on websites, social media, magazines and catalogs. Group exhibition for the International festival of art "ART-MAP", in several galleries and museums in Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 2016. Exhibition during Borders Festival, International festival of art and architecture, by "It's Liquid Group", during the 15th VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE, Venice, 2016. Group Street Photography exhibition "INSIDE-OUT Berlin", in collaboration with Berlino Magazine , at Cafè Aroma Photogalerie, Berlin, 2016. Group Exhibition for the event "BUNNY RELEASE PARTY" at FluxBau Radio Station, Berlin, 2015. Solo exhibition at Makers Market, Berlin, 2014. Group exhibition for the festival "Month of Performance Art Berlin" Berlin, 2013. International competition of microart, "Restart: worlds (I'm)possible". Exhibition at Urban Center, Monza, 2013. Publication on websites and social media. Solo exhibition at "Where is Jesus?", Berlin, 2013. Solo exhibition at "Untertitel Bar", Berlin, 2013. Solo exhibition at Mauerpark Flohmarkt, Berlin, 2012. Solo exhibition at "Cafè Marcello", Berlin, 2012. group exhibition for the event "Time To Play, art and music", Malo, Italy, 2012. Solo exhibition at "Majiro Cafè", Piovene Rocchette, Italy, 2012. Solo exhibition at "Informagiovani", Schio, Italy, 2012.