Ina Stanimirova spent her childhood surrounded by her father’s paints, brushes and drawings. Her main amusement was spending hours with a sketchbook and a pencil in her hands, drawing and imitating his works. Since she was little she knew what her passion was, so she decided she wanted to be an artist. Years later she moved from Alicante, the city where she had been living until then, to Barcelona to form herself in the Art Faculty. There, she had the oportunity to experiment with new techniques such as sculpture or painting, which gave a new overtone to her work. However, drawing remained as her priority and, finally, she graduated in 2011 in that specialism. It was then when she decided to direct her work towards illustration, studying the Illustration Postgraduate in BAU during 2012. Ina’s work is figurative, but always surrounded by a surrealistic atmosphere. The main character in her illustrations is the female figure, which is immersed in a beautiful yet disturbing climate of creatures and strange worlds. These women, drawn with graphite with a strong line, are tangible and corporeal. However, they intermingle with ethereal and impalpable elements, drawn with thin watercolor layers. These figures, almost immaterial yet very close, reference to the unknown, the unseen, or even to our own fears or worries. Therefore, the inspiration to create these images can be found in sensations we all have experienced in some moment: nostalgia, curiosity, fear or insecurity. “Even if at first sight these images can seem mere fantasy, I try that the viewer can finally feel somehow identified with the sensations that my drawings transmit”. This free interpretations allows the reading not to go only in one direction, but to be expanded into multiple ways according to each one’s appreciation. Her influences vary from fashion illustration to photography or surrealist painting, with artists like René Gruau, David Downton, Erwin Blumenfeld or René Magritte. Now she works as a freelance illustrator doing multiple projects such as concert posters, CD and book covers, or participating in events like Andorra Shopping Festival or Open Air Festival Barcelona. She is always developing her personal work and looking for new ways of expression.