Ilona Gumowska (1991) is a choreographer, dancer, acrobat, dance teacher as well as psychologist. She graduated from Choreography on the Academy of Music in Lodz as well as she is master of Psychology. As a dancer she colaborated with: Mariusz Treliński, Roberto Olivan, Daniel Abreu, Adrian Bartczak, Jacek Owczarek, Kaya Kołodziejczyk, Marcin Wrona, Abhilash Ningappa, Santiago Bello and worked for: the Polish National Opera in Warsaw, Barrowland Ballet in Glasgow, Dada von Bzdulov Theatre in Gdańsk, Zawirowania Dance Theatre in Warsaw, Navdhara India Dance Theatre in Mombai, Caro Dance Theatre in Siedlce, Capitol Music Theatre in Wroclaw, KIJO Dance Theatre in Lodz, V6 Theatre in Lodz, Rampa Theatre in Warsaw, National Forum of Music in Wroclaw, Rozbark Dance Theatre in Bytom. She choreographed 'Imaginarium' by Teatr V6 at The Light Move Festival in Lodz, ‘9.81’ – interdisciplinary performance of new circus at The Tauch the Theatre Festival, 'Jaki Taki' performance directed by Jarosław Figura in Arlekin Theatre in Lodz, 'Aquarius' dance-acrobatic show in V6 Theatre in Lodz. Nowadays she is a member of 'United Limbs' collective, works as a freelance dancer and choreographer collaborating with various theatres and directors in Poland and abroad. Moreover she is a dance lecturer on the University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz and the Academy of Music in Lodz. She is interested in very physical movement combined with strong stage presence. She is intrigued by risk taking through the mind and the body, fascinated by the rhythm and she loves to observe how the time changes everything.