United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives - help stop the spread of COVID-19

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April 30, 2020
2020 TLNT Community Highlights
December 31, 2020, in Creative Briefs, Culture & Events, and Featured Creators
While we look ahead to what we hope will be an amazing 2021, we are taking a moment to reflect on the amazing and at times inspirational work the community produced this year.
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Get to Know: Gerardo La Porta
May 21, 2020, in Featured Creators
We want to introduce you all to Gerardo la Porta, the artist responsible for the hero image that appeared across the UN Covid-19 Brief.
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United Nations: Thank You Creatives
April 20, 2020, in Culture & Events
Thank you all for doing your part to help the United Nations. Here is a video from Dawda Jobarteh from the UN!
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United Nations Global Call Out: Extended to April 14
April 08, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Join us, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization in combating Covid-19!
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United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives
March 30, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Join Talenthouse, The World Health Organization, and The United Nations in combating Covid-19. Learn how you can do your part.
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COVID-19 Creative Community Resource
March 19, 2020, in Learning & Career
Great creative resources for you to use and take advantage of during this uncertain time.
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