Produce artwork capturing your resolutions for a world that is #OpenToBetter

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January 27, 2021
Get to Know: Coca-Cola Resolutions Selected Creators
February 01, 2021, in Featured Creators
Have a look at the Coca-Cola Resolutions Selected Creators artwork and learn a little bit more about the inspiration behind the designs.
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Insider Info: Get inspired by Vanessa Mundle's Art for Coca Cola's Open to Better Campaign
December 08, 2020, in Creative Briefs, and Featured Creators
Get inspired by Leipzig-based illustrator and graphic designer Vanessa Mundle aka Minttu for the Open to Better Coca-Cola Creative Brief!
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Insider Info: Coca-Cola Tips & Insights by Vanessa Mundle
December 02, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Here are some insights to the “Open to better” brief, we recently asked Vanessa Mundle, an illustrator to share her thoughts about her creative process, and what resolution inspires her the most.
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Create Positive Change with Coca-Cola’s Latest Brief
November 30, 2020, in Creative Briefs
Coca-Cola is inspiring us all with their latest creative brief “Open to Better”. Create sharable artwork that captures 1 of 5 positive and inspiring resolutions (or your own!)
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