Create a sticker pack for Viber inspired by your favorite city

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December 15, 2015
Viber Selected Artists, Highly Commended Finalists & Talenthouse Picks
January 06, 2016, in Creative Briefs
Viber announces their 5 Selected Artist's and 15 Finalists for #MyCityVibe! Check out all the selected artworks and our personal Talenthouse Picks!
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Get to Know: Alon Boroda
November 18, 2015, in Creative Briefs
As Viber's Creative Manager of the Viber Sticker Department, Alon Boroda knows a thing or two about how to make a great sticker. Find out some of Alon's sticker making tricks and tips!
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Get to Know: Erez Shocher
November 11, 2015, in Creative Briefs
Viber's Creative Director Erez Shocher, and two-time Viber "Sticky Fingers" Creative Invite judge gives artists some tips on what to submit!
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Get to Know: Alec Monopoly
November 02, 2015, in Creative Briefs, and Culture & Events
L.A. based artist Alec Monopoly has made a name for himself by decorating walls around the world with iconic characters. He also is acting as a guest judge for Viber's "My City, My Vibe" Creative Invite.
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Get to Know: YesJulz
October 26, 2015, in Creative Briefs
Get to know Miami's real-life Director of Vibes and Viber's "My City, My Vibe" guest judge YesJulz.
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