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Create Movement That Inspires Togetherness for The World Cup and Kia

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October 31, 2022

Kia and Talenthouse are looking for some great video content of real, overly enthusiastic fans that are absolutely obsessed with the World Cup.

The great thing about football is that we celebrate our favorite team together, side-by-side with all sorts of different people, from different walks of life. As fans, we don’t limit our celebrations to just the action on the field. And now’s your chance to show us and help us feel all the things that make being a World Cup fan so special…The rituals. The songs. The chants. The superstitions. The fun. EVERYTHING.

  • The more personal, intimate, extreme, exciting, crazy, and DEVOTED the fans are, the better.
  • Ideally, groups of 3+ friends work best for songs, chants, or cheers, but we are open to great solo videos.

This campaign will culminate in ONE epic video highlighting all the ways people celebrate, cheer and obsess over their teams…and how this support and outlandish behavior actually brings people closer during the World Cup.

1 chosen creator will receive $2,000 and 19 finalists will receive $350.

Content submitted to this brief may be shared on Kia Worldwide social channels around the November World Cup kickoff. These posts will be a rallying cry to inspire fans to post their own World Cup cheers, costumes, rituals, songs, chants and all the other crazy things they do!


Camera angles? Get weird! Get unique! Go Kubrick on it. Or go simple and straightforward and authentic– let the scene dictate the camera – so if it calls for a hero angle then go for it.

  • We’ll be looking for a good sense of camera movement that’s not shaky, and that adds to the personal feeling of the shot so don’t feel obligated to submit solely tripod lockdown shots.

  • Videos should be between 45-60 seconds in length.

  • Make sure not to cut too quickly, some of the best moments happen at the end of a take - they can make for great moments of transition.

  • We’re looking for videos that express a passionate narrative around football from a personal, intimate, extreme, exciting, and devoted super fan perspective. Think well beyond fans wearing jerseys in front of a TV.

Elements and keywords we would like to see in the videos include:

  • World Cup Fanfare Rituals

  • Passion

  • Team/Player Chants/Songs

  • Heartfelt and Personal Dedication to Players by fans

  • Diehard

  • Big Feelings

  • See brand guidelines and inspiration in the Brief Materials Folder.
  • Check out some inspirational/reference images from Kia here.
    • Just cheering
    • Crowds
    • Stadium
    • Logos (sponsors or teams)
    • of singing or chanting of famous licensed music (ie. Seven Nation Army, Sweet Caroline, etc.)
  • Do not use music unless you have obtained all of the necessary clearances from the owners of the sound recording and musical compositions. You must provide those clearances to Kia upon request.

  • Do not reference or use the trademarks (names, logos, symbols, etc.) of any football team or other person or entity in any way.
  • Formats
    • 9x16 or
    • 16x9 (framed for 9x16 edit)
    • 4K +


Founded in 1944, Kia is South Korea's oldest car manufacturer. Their vision is to create sustainable mobility solutions for the consumers, community, and the global society. Kia's purpose is to deliver innovative products that inspire you when you move and deliver convenient and meaningful services demonstrating our commitment with everyone’s most valuable resource, your time.

When we move, we see new worlds, live new experiences, meet new people, discover new perspectives. We get inspired. Movement embraces the concept of continuous change; change of our environment, our surroundings, and as a result, change in oneself. When you move, you have the time to think. Movement enables thinking, inspiration and progress. We believe movement inspires ideas. That is why we at Kia create the space for you to get inspired, and more time to bring your ideas to life.

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19 pieces of work will be chosen by Razorfish/Kia as Finalists. Each will:

  • Potentially have their work used across Kia's social, digital and wider marketing channels

  • Receive $350 for each piece selected

Selected Creator:

Additionally 1 piece of work will be chosen as a Selected Creator. The Selected Creator finalist will:
  • Potentially have their work used across Kia’s social, digital and wider marketing channels
  • Receive $2,000 for the selected piece

  • All submissions must be your own original work (meaning you are not allowed to use third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock imagery in your submission).

  • We advise you to carefully read the 'Things to Consider' section above.
  • You will be required to sign a License Agreement to license your finished work to Kia for a one (1) year, digital-only license upon delivery of final assets, for the specified incentive. Please note that submissions can be used for personal, non-commercial, and portfolio use only.

  • If any individuals are shown in your communications, you must get signed releases for them (and provide those releases to Kia upon request). This applies to all photographs and video whether taken by you or a third party.

  • In addition, if you use video or photographs taken by a third party, you must get written permission to use the video or photography from the person who took the photograph or video as well as the person or persons shown in it (and provide those written permissions to KIA upon request).

  • You may not submit content if you are a member of any talent union.

  • Talenthouse and Kia reserve the right to not accept inappropriate, offensive, or harmful submissions as well as submissions that are incomplete or do not fit the brief and follow the guidelines.
  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.

  • No purchase is necessary to enter or be selected.

Kia will choose the winning video by looking for the following features:
  • Authenticity (25%)
  • Energy (25%)
  • Unique POV (25%)
  • Creative use of camera angles and/or editing choices (25%)
Submission Deadline: Monday October 24th @ 5pm
Verification Period: Monday, October 31st - Friday, November 4th
Selected Creator Announcement: Monday, November 7th

All times in Eastern Time (EST).