Learn & Create your first AR Effect with Facebook Spark AR

Get to Know: The Facebook Spark AR Selected Creators
June 15, 2021, in Featured Creators
The wait is over, here's the list of selected creators from our extra special brief from Facebook Spark AR. Check out these effects created after just seven hours of training using the Spark AR platform.
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Insider Info: AR Creator Interviews - Learn & Create with Facebook Spark AR
May 21, 2021, in Creative Briefs
Learn some tips on how create AR effects with our Official Spark AR Partners and Creator interviews.
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Get to know: Inside the Spark AR interface
May 12, 2021, in Learning & Career
Delve into a bit more detail about the new exciting partnership between our sibling platform Reality.House and Facebook Spark AR
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Augment your Imagination with Facebook Spark AR
May 10, 2021, in Learning & Career
With an exciting new course brought to you by Facebook Spark AR, you can learn to create your own filters in seven hours via this innovative partnership!
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