Learn & Create your first AR Effect with Facebook Spark AR


Got pandemic-induced boredom from staring at your own face over calls, Zoom, or selfies? No worries, we’ve gotcha. We've launched a free program with our friends over at Facebook Spark AR to encourage you to learn how to make your own augmented reality effects. Through this bespoke course, it has never been easier for first-time creators to make their own effects. All you need is seven hours and plenty of imagination!

To inspire and engage you further, we are curating talks with creators, inspiring articles, and explainers to go alongside the free seven-hour long course. So, what are you waiting for?

Once you have the basics down and have completed the Spark AR course, design and produce your own AR effect that reflects your creativity and style and submit it here.

We will choose a minimum of 6 and up to 10 AR effects for Instagram as Selected Creators, who will receive $500 each. Creators do not need to have direct experience in AR but should be ready to learn. Follow Reality.House's Instagram for more updates with creators, inspiring articles, and explainers.

What you need to do
  • Augment your imagination and join our Free Facebook Spark AR course here
    • You must complete the course to participate in this brief - this is for new starters and beginners only - we want to see your first effect after you have completed the Facebook Spark AR course
  • For more inspiration, watch our Speed Sparks Series, short 3-6 minute tutorials from Spark AR Creator; Ant Hagan
  • To submit to this Creative Brief, you need to:
    • 1) Complete the Free Facebook Spark AR course
    • 2) Use Spark AR Studio to create your AR effects
    • 3) Upload your AR effects demo video (showing you using your effects) and test link to this Creative Brief via the 'Participate' button
    • 4) If chosen as a Selected Creator or Finalist, you will be asked to submit your lens to Instagram for approval

  • Check out Spark AR's full technical guidelines and AR review process before you start, see more details about specs below
    • If you're new to Instagram AR Effects or want a refresh, these resources will show you how to get started, patch editing, adding audio and how to submit and publish your content
  • Do not include any suggestion or references to dangerous situations, brands, show/imply alcohol or drunkenness, or anything offensive
  • Your demo video should be captured in the Instagram camera, unedited, portrait orientation, 5-15 seconds long, in MP4 format, max. size 32MB
  • Please note, you do not need to submit your AR effects to Instagram for approval to participate - your submission just needs to include your demo video and test link
  • You may be asked to submit your AR effects on Instagram during, or after the Creative Brief has closed, once approved by Instagram, it will be publically available
  • Be sure to follow Reality.House's Instagram for more upcoming inspiration sessions, articles, and creator interviews. Check out the upcoming schedule below or here

The Spark AR site has loads of resources that show you how to get started, but here the key specs and our recommendation for your Instagram AR effect:

  • 50 objects in a scene is the maximum without compromising quality
  • The maximum resolution for a texture is 1,024px x 1,024px. Any texture larger than this will automatically be resized down to this px size.
  • When importing 3D objects, please note that:
    • Maximum number of vertices per object is 20,000
    • The total triangle count for all objects in an effect is 50,000
    • The height needs to be a minimum of 1 centimetre, and maximum 5 metres
  • To import audio into Spark AR for Instagram, please see recommended instructions below: Edit the file in Audacity; turn it into mono, 16 bit, 44100hz; then export as an M4A file
Check out Spark AR's full technical guidelines and AR review process before you start.
A minimum of 6 and up to 10 AR effects will be chosen Selected Creators. Each will:
  • Potentially have their work presented across Facebook Spark AR social, digital and wider marketing channels
  • Potentially be involved with Facebook Spark AR PR, including creator interviews & profiles etc.
  • Receive $500
  • Who is eligible: This opportunity is open globally and you need to be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction of primary residence at the time of submission. Employees and their immediate family and household members of Facebook Spark AR and TLNT (Talenthouse, Ello, and Zooppa) are not eligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Limit 15 submissions per creator or team.
  • All submissions must be your own original work (meaning you are not allowed to use third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock imagery in your submission)
  • How to submit:
    • Create your Effect using Spark AR (free to use).
    • Click on the ‘Participate’ tab and follow the instructions to upload your AR effect demo video and test link. Your demo video must be submitted in MP4 format, max. file size 10 MB.
    • Please add a short description in English explaining the inspiration behind your work. Please use the 'Say something about your submission' section within your submission.
  • Note, you do not need to submit your AR effect to Instagram for approval to submit to this Creative Brief.
  • We advise you to carefully read the 'What you need to do' sections above.
  • If you are not selected, you will retain ownership of the original portions of your work.
  • If chosen as a Selected Creator, you may be asked to submit your AR effect to Instagram for approval. To pass our verification process, it is a requirement that your lens is approved by Instagram and published on the platform.
  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.
  • During the Selection Period, Talenthouse will reach out to those being shortlisted. You must respond to Talenthouse within forty-eight (48) hours or else you will forfeit all incentives. For the verification, you will be asked to provide the original files of your work and a scan of your ID.
  • Talenthouse reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive, and harmful submissions as well as submissions that do not fit the brief, these guidelines, or Official Rules (see below).
  • No purchase necessary to enter or be selected.
Selected Creators will be chosen from all qualified submissions. A qualified submission is one that meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines, and Official Rules.

The judging criteria are based on Creativity (40%), Originality (30%), and Overall Understanding of the theme (30%).
Key Dates
  • Launch:
    May 14, 2021 at 6:00 PM
  • Submission Deadline:
    May 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM
  • Selection Period Starts:
    May 28, 2021 at 6:00 PM
  • Creators Selected:
    June 11, 2021 at 6:00 PM
All times are in London Local Time.
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