Design the new and modern Limited Edition Lindt Santa


Thank you to everyone who participated in this Creative Brief, and a big congratulations to the Selected Creator: Ekaterina Sidorova (Russia)! And also to Finalists: Monica Cerniauskas (Colombia) and Ekaterina Sidorova (Russia).
The Lindt Santa has become an indispensable part of Christmas: Santa is a well-known icon everywhere in the world and Lindt has been a sweetener every year, spreading the word that Christmas is finally here!

Design the new Limited Edition Lindt Santa foil wrap in a modern and stylish way, visually capturing the essence of Christmas.

A minimum of 1 and up to 3 pieces of work will be chosen as Finalists and receive €2,000 each. Lindt will then host a social vote to choose which design will be selected and the Selected Creator will receive an additional €4,000.
  • Your design should feel modern, stylish, premium, festive and bring to life the spirit and magic of Christmas.
  • Design a Santa figure that people will want to display.
  • Please use this Santa template, and include designs for the front and back of the Santa figure.
  • Make sure you only use the areas of the foil wrap available for your design - check out this Design Guide for all the details.
  • Your design should be recognizable as a Lindt Santa, and stand out against the traditional product.
  • You can use any colors you like, but keep in mind that they should perfectly fit with the Christmas season and complement the gold ribbon and gold bell that will be added to the Santa.
  • The classic Santa appeals to families and older generations. Your design should appeal to 30 - 49 year olds, who may buy the Santa for decoration purposes and embrace a more modern attitude towards Christmas.
  • In English, please fill in 'say something about your submission' when submitting your artwork.
  • Take a look at this mood board for inspiration.
  • Change Santa's face or beard.
  • Change the position of Santa's hands, but you can use this space for your design.
  • Create a monochrome design that includes any non-printable elements (e.g. tinsel, blanks, stickers etc).
  • Include other people/faces, other brands, clear religious symbols (e.g. churches or crucifix etc.) or regional customs.
  • Include photographs in your submission.
  • Include anything that could be interpreted as sexist, racist, pornographic, political, discriminating, religious, violent or offensive.
  • Use lettering or images that are protected by other brands or that clearly refer to them.
  • Please don't share your submission on your Talenthouse profile or any other online channels.
About Lindt
Lindt is a world leader in premium chocolate and can look back on a tradition of almost 175 years, which began in Zurich, Switzerland. Quality chocolates from Lindt & Sprüngli are today produced in 12 production sites in Europe and the USA. They are distributed by 26 subsidiaries and branches, in more than 410 stores, as well as through a network of over 100 independent distributors around the world.

About Lindt Santa
The Lindt chocolate Santa is an iconic character that will add magic to Christmas for your family to enjoy this festive season. Marked by his appearance of a traditional coat and a white beard, he announces Xmas time with his golden bell, setting you into the traditionally festive mood. Santa is like a benevolent uncle or grandfather whom you treat with great respect.

The Lindt Santa is a statement and broadcasts something special whereby he is more elegant than other Santas. Traditional buyers not only show their attention to family and friends but also their recognition. The Lindt Santa made of finest Lindt chocolate and luxuriously hand finished with his little golden bell makes the perfect Christmas gift and also fits perfectly for decoration during Christmas time.

The Incentives
Lindt will select a minimum of 1 and up to 3 pieces of work as Finalists. Each will:
  • Potentially receive exposure across Lindt social and digital channels
  • Potentially be included in Lindt's social vote to confirm the Selected Creator
  • Receive €2,000
Lindt will host a social vote to determine which Finalist is selected, then the Selected Creator will:
  • Potentially have their design produced into the official Lindt Santa Limited Edition in 2020
  • Potentially have their work shown across Lindt social and digital channels
  • Receive an additional €4,000
Creative Invite Guidelines
  • Who is eligible: This opportunity is open globally and you need to be at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction of primary residence at the time of submission. Employees and their immediate family and household members of Lindt and Talenthouse are not eligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Limit ten (10) submissions per creator or teams.
  • Submissions will not be visible to the public and must not be made public anywhere by you. Please do not upload submissions to your Talenthouse profile nor share submissions on social media for the duration of this Creative Invite.
  • Please note, during the Submission Period and Lindt's social vote, your submission may be featured on Lindt's online channels with credit given to you.
  • Each submission should consist of two (2) elements: the front and back of the Santa figure. All submissions should use the provided template.
  • Please note that all rights in the material provided (logos, template, etc.) are reserved by Lindt.
  • Each submission should be accompanied by a small written caption in English explaining the inspiration and design. This information should be included in the 'description' field of your submission.
  • All submissions must be your own original work (meaning you are not allowed to use third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock imagery in your submission) except for the material provided by Lindt. All rights in and to the material provided are reserved by Lindt.
  • How to submit: Click on the ‘Participate’ tab and follow the instructions. Your work must be submitted in JPEG or PNG, max. size 10 MB. Please retain your original layered AI or PSD files in the highest quality possible. Only static digital work. Please, no photography or video.
  • If you are selected you will have to supply your artwork as a layered AI or PSD file (high-res and CMYK).
  • We advise you to carefully read the "Do’s and Don’ts" section above.
  • If you are not selected, you will retain ownership in the original portions of your work. However, by submitting you hereby grant Lindt and affiliates, a worldwide, non-exclusive, limited, royalty-free license for up to 3 months after the announcement of the Finalists and Selected Creator to use your submitted work across their various online and social media platforms. If your work is used, you will be credited accordingly.
  • If you are a 'Finalist', you will be required to grant a 1 year global, unlimited, exclusive, royalty-free license in the selected work to Lindt and affiliates for the incentives set forth above. You will be required to sign a License Agreement and the Awardee Agreement. *Update 8 November 2019: Finalists will be required to grant a global, unlimited, exclusive, royalty-free license with no fixed term, in the selected work to Lindt and affiliated for the incentives set forth above. This requirement overrides the previous guideline.
  • If you are a ‘Selected Creator’, you will be required to assign all rights, title and interest in and to the selected work to Lindt and affiliates for the specified incentives. Upon selection, you will be required to sign a Release Form and the Awardee Agreement.
  • If you are a 'Finalist' or 'Selected Creator' you are not allowed to use the selected work for portfolio purposes until the work is produced and in the market. Commercial use of the selected work is exclusively reserved for Lindt and affiliates.
  • If selected, you may be asked to modify your work to fit production requirements. This may be up to 2 rounds of edits.
  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.
  • During the selection period, Talenthouse will reach out to those being shortlisted. You must respond to Talenthouse within forty-eight (48) hours or else you will forfeit all incentives. For the verification, you will be asked to provide the original files of your work and a scan of your ID.
  • Talenthouse reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions as well as submissions that do not fit the brief, these guidelines or Official Rules (see below).
  • No purchase necessary to enter or be selected.
How Lindt will choose
Lindt will select from all qualified submissions. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.

The judging criteria is based on Creativity (40%), Originality (30%) and Overall Understanding of the theme (30%).
Key Dates
  • Launch:
    October 15, 2019 at 6:00 PM
  • Submission Deadline:
    November 12, 2019 at 5:00 PM
  • Creators Selected:
    December 20, 2019 at 6:00 PM
All times are in London Local Time.