Create #TileArt for Microsoft Lumia

Winner Announced On
March 31, 2015
TileArt Champions: Our Selected Artists
April 16, 2015, in Featured Creators
Imagine you’re an artist and you’re given the chance to showcase your work to a potential audience of tens of millions. You’d jump at the chance, right?
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Meet Ricc Webb, The Creator of the #TileArt App
February 18, 2015, in Creative Briefs
You don't just become Microsoft's "Mischief Maker" overnight. A judge for the #TileArt Creative Invite, Webb gives insight into what he is looking for in the submissions and how he became so mischievous.
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Microsoft is inviting artists, illustrators and designers to create #TileArt
February 03, 2015, in Creative Briefs
Microsoft Lumia is giving artists and designers the opportunity to have their artwork featured as part of the #TileArt app gallery and receive $1,500.
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