Conceptualise installation ideas capturing ‘holidays’ for Thomas Cook’s new “Cook's Club” hotel

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September 6, 2018
Seen It: Thomas Cook "Cook's Club" Finished Murals in Crete
September 25, 2018, in Culture & Events
Check out this exclusive behind the scenes process of making the 3 murals by the Selected Artists at the "Cook's Club" hotel in Crete, Greece!
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Insider Info: Thomas Cook’s “Cook's Club” Hotel Selected Artists & Upcoming Crete Installation!
September 06, 2018, in Creative Briefs
Thomas Cook invited artists worldwide to create fun ideas for art murals at their new “Cook's Club” Hotel in Crete, Greece! Check out the 3 Selected Artists and their installation spaces they will paint in the coming week!
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Insider Info: “Cook's Club” Hotel Creative Invite Tips & Insights
July 13, 2018, in Creative Briefs
Check out some tips and insights on what Thomas Cook is looking for in their installation ideas for the new “Cook’s Club” hotel in Crete, Greece!
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