Create digitally illustrated poster artwork inspired by Three Thousand Years of Longing

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Hello all, the release date of Three Thousand Years of Longing has changed from August 31 to August 26, 2022!

Materials have also been updated with new title treatment containing the new date. Creatives who have submitted work containing the previous release date do not have to resubmit with updated title treatment. Selected winners will be asked to update if selected.

Updated 8/4/22

What would you wish for? Let your imagination run wild in this magical creative opportunity!

Create a one-of-a-kind static artwork inspired by director George Miller’s upcoming film, Three Thousand Years of Longing, only in theaters August 31! Whether it's an illustration, digital painting, or poster, we want to see your vision of a magical scene inspired by the film. We’ll provide the film’s trailer and stills for visual inspiration.

Director George Miller, alongside Three Thousand Years of Longing stars Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton, in collaboration with United Artists Releasing, will select a total of five (5) final winners, who will each receive a $2,000 cash prize.

Please note, this Creative Brief is open only to individuals who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and the age of majority in their jurisdiction of primary residence and who are legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia at the time of submission.

*See Creative Guidelines and Official Rules for further details.

  • Your submission should be inspired by one or more of the following key themes:

    • Showcase the fantastical world George Miller has created in the film

    • Highlight the characters: The Djinn (played by Idris Elba) and Alithea (played by Tilda Swinton)

    • Focus on the mystical elements featured in the trailer and asset pack

  • You are encouraged to showcase your creativity and expand on the world of the film - let your imagination run wild!

  • Check out the Official Trailer and the Brief Materials Folder for inspiration!

  • Artwork must be digitally illustrated

  • Your artwork should appeal to movie fans, fans of George Miller, and fans of the fantasy genre

  • Please submit artwork under the following specifications:

    • Aspect Ratio: 4x5

    • DPI: minimum 300

  • You are encouraged to submit timelapse videos of your creative process as well!

    • Recommended video length: 9-15 seconds (maximum 60 seconds)

    • Video Aspect Ratio: Suggested 9x16, 4x5 Vertical or 16x9 Landscape

  • Keep in mind your submission should be suitable for social and digital platforms, and may be shared directly by official film handles

  • Please utilize the assets found in the Brief Materials Folder, which include:
    • Official Title Treatment
    • “R” Rating Bug
    • Visuals for inspiration
    • Template of suggested layout
  • DO include in your work(s):
    • The Official Title Treatment in your artwork
    • The Official “R” Rating Bug
    • Legal text language: © 2022 MGM.
  • DO draw inspiration from the Three Thousand Years of Longing official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter channels for further guidance

  • Please DO NOT post your work on social media, until and unless you are chosen as a Selected Creator and/or you have been given permission to do so

  • DO NOT include in your work(s):
    • any text listing names of any cast or director
    • depictions of any other Brands or IP
  • DO NOT include any references to any real people, dangerous situations, show/imply alcohol or drunkenness, drugs, or nudity

  • DO NOT include anything that could be interpreted as violent, sexually explicit, racist, pornographic, sexist, political, discriminating, religious, or offensive
  • Reference imagery should only be used for inspiration, and not used directly in your work


Dr. Alithea Binnie (Tilda Swinton) is an academic - content with life and a creature of reason. While in Istanbul attending a conference, she happens to encounter a Djinn (Idris Elba) who offers her three wishes in exchange for his freedom.

This presents two problems. First, she doubts that he is real and second, because she is a scholar of story and mythology, she knows all the cautionary tales of wishes gone wrong. The Djinn pleads his case by telling her fantastical stories of his past. Eventually she is beguiled and makes a wish that surprises them both.


Five (5) pieces of work will be chosen by director George Miller and stars Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton, in collaboration with United Artists Releasing, as Selected Creators, who will:

  • Potentially have their work used across MGM, Three Thousand Years of Longing, and/or cast social, digital, and wider marketing channels

  • Receive $2,000 for each piece selected

*See Creative Guidelines and Official Rules for further details.
  • Who is eligible: This opportunity is open to individuals who are at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in your jurisdiction of primary residence and who are legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia at the time of submission. Employees and their immediate family and household members of United Artists Releasing, MGM Studios, and Talenthouse AG are not eligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.

  • Limit ten (10) submissions per creator or teams.

  • Please note, that during the Submission Period, your submission may be featured on MGM, Three Thousand Years of Longing, and/or Talenthouse social media channels with credit given to you.

  • All submissions must be your own original work (meaning you are not allowed to use third party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock imagery in your submission) except for the material provided by United Artists Releasing.

  • Artists may include the Three Thousand Years of Longing title treatment logo in their artwork. All rights in and to the characters, title treatment logo, and material provided are reserved by United Artists Releasing.

  • How to submit: Click on the ‘Participate’ tab and follow the instructions. Your work must be submitted in JPEG or PNG format, max. size 10 MB. Please retain your original layered artwork files in the highest quality possible.

  • Timelapse videos must be submitted in MP4 format, max. size 10 MB. Please retain your original source files in the highest quality possible.

  • Please add a short description in English explaining the inspiration behind your work (limited to 1 sentence plus the title).

  • We advise you to carefully read the 'Things to Consider' section above.

  • Please refer to the Official Rules for complete contest details.

  • Selected Creators (defined in Official Rules) shall assign to United Artists Releasing and their licensees and assigns all rights, title, and interest in and to the Selected Artists’ submitted artwork. Selected Creators will be required to sign an Ownership Agreement.

  • The Non-Selected Creators retain the copyright as to the original elements only in their work, subject to United Artists Releasing's intellectual property rights to the motion picture elements. By entering the Creative Brief, each artist grants to United Artists Releasing a worldwide, unrestricted, non-exclusive, royalty-free license for one (1) year to use the submitted work across United Artists Releasing's various marketing platforms in association with the advertising, marketing, and promotion of Three Thousand Years of Longing including without limitation, television, digital and marketing channels, printed materials and merchandise. United Artists Releasing will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide all artists with credit for their work.

  • Artist’s copyright in the work is subject to and restricted by United Artists Releasing's underlying rights in Three Thousand Years of Longing IP defined in the Official Rules, and entrants may make only personal non-commercial use (e.g. portfolio purposes) of the submissions without express written consent from United Artists Releasing. In no event, may an entrant obtain a fee, royalty, advertising revenue, or any other payment for the art created pursuant to this Creative Brief.

  • If selected, you may be asked to modify your work to fit production requirements.

  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.

  • During the Selection Period, Talenthouse will reach out to those being shortlisted. You must respond to Talenthouse within forty-eight (48) hours or else you will forfeit all incentives. For the verification, you will be asked to provide the original files of your work and a scan of your ID.

  • Talenthouse reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions as well as submissions that do not fit the brief, these guidelines or Official Rules (see below).

  • No purchase necessary to enter or be selected.


United Artists Releasing, director George Miller, and stars Idris Elba and Tilda Swinton will select from all qualified submissions.

  • A qualified submission is one which meets all the Creative Guidelines, Official Rules, and Talenthouse Terms & Conditions.

  • All eligible submissions received will be judged according to the following equally weighted judging criteria: creativity (35%), originality (35%); and understanding of the themes (30%).
  • Launch: July 15, 2022 at 12:00 PM

  • Submission Deadline: August 15, 2022 at 12:00 PM

  • Creators Selected: Approximately September 6, 2022 at 12:00 PM

All times are in Pacific Time.

To participate, review the guidelines and submit your work.