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Show us the creative inspiration you see in the world for Bombay Sapphire 'Saw This' 'Made this'

Creators Selected On
October 12, 2022
Thank you to everyone that submitted to Bombay Sapphire's Saw This Made This campaign, the work that came through was overwhelming! We invite you to share your work on your social channels please use @bombaysapphire and the hashtag #SawThisMadeThis. If you would like to drive to a URL it will be bombaysapphire.com/sawthismadethis

Congratulations to the Selected Creators and everyone who participated!

Talenthouse and Bombay Sapphire Team

This new campaign from Bombay Sapphire will showcase the creative inspiration that exists in everyday moments and will demonstrate how people can reframe their world to find more creativity. 

Bombay Sapphire believes the world is a gallery. And creative inspiration is everywhere and can be found in everything. To examine this idea, we’re inviting creators from all over the world to show us what everyday moments inspire them. And what it inspired. What they saw, and what they made.

Something that on the surface, can seem unnoticeable but inspire something beautiful. The project will reveal what creators see and demonstrate how people can reframe their worldview. Proving that creativity isn't about what you see, but more about how you see it.

The ask is to ‘Show us what you see’. An open invitation to creators just like you to share images or videos on what you SAW out in the real world that then inspired what you MADE. What you MADE will also need to be delivered in a corresponding image or video format.

Read the full brief below to see more details of what we are looking for!

They want to see your creativity and are going to be selecting 10 pieces of work that will be chosen as Selected Creators and receive £1,000 each.

Things to Consider
  • Create static or video pieces of work which showcase both the ‘SAW’ and the ‘MADE’ of Saw this, Made this
  • SAW THIS, MADE THIS is a mechanic where people are encouraged to share what inspired them to create something. It’s everything you see in the day-to-day. For example, a beautiful feather inspired a dress, and a raindrop on a window inspired a painting
  • If you have images or videos of the creative process please also include this; however, it is not mandatory
  • We are happy for the work submitted to be new or it can be existing work that you have done (if it has a 'SAW' this that can be attached)
  • It is important to capture both the 'SAW' (inspiration) and the 'MADE' (the creative output) when submitting. The inspiration which leads to the creative is just as important as the creative itself
  • Bombay Sapphire would like the work to be exquisite and inspiring!
  • Be inspired by the Bombay Sapphire colour palette & this moodboard
  • You can also use the Bombay Sapphire fonts, logos, and patterns in this asset pack if you like. However, it is not mandatory to use logos, the bottle etc. in your work

  • In your video and static submissions you are welcome to use the SAW this and MADE this templates. This is not mandatory
  • Keep in mind your submissions should be suitable for Bombay Sapphire's social channels. Bombay will create a piece of content that shows your creation with their branding and SAW THIS MADE THIS framing device (you do not need to include this). This will then be posted on your channel and Bombay Sapphire's using the #SawThisMadeThis hashtag
  • In the 'SAW this' part of your submission, please try not to include existing art or landmarks that may be subject to IP and copyright issues
    • Bombay Sapphire is looking for submissions that are more inspired by everyday things in life that inspire you e.g. a waterfall, bag of rubbish, fabrics
  • If you wish to depict drinks or cocktails in your submission, please always show drinks as full and containing ice. No images of straws, please. Also, bottles should be sealed if not in use and never show free pouring
  • You should not show or imply drunkenness, that the brand has curative or therapeutic properties, irresponsible drinking, dangerous situations, anything offensive, including any people under the age of 25 or any other brands in your artwork
  • Please don't share your submitted work online, on social media or in your portfolio, until you have been given confirmation
What and How to submit my work?

  • In your submission we want to see:
    • The inspiration behind your artwork (SAW this) e.g patterns / textures / shapes / colour combinations / nature / architecture / street signs / bricks
    • The final creative output (MADE this) e.g art / photography / sculpture / textiles / cocktails
      • Remember this can be existing or original work. It also does not need to include Bombay Sapphire logos or the bottle.
  • This is what you should be submitting to the brief:
      • SAW this part: x1 static or video piece of your inspiration behind what you created
      • MADE this part: x1 static or video piece of your finished creations
      • Additional (not mandatory): Behind-the-scenes footage or images of your creative process
      • Please can you submit both parts in the same format (e.g. static + static or video + video) and at the same time to ensure we can see the SAW this and MADE this together
      • Here is an example of how it could look on social channels

  • Please follow these formats when submitting your work:
    • Static:
      • (1:1, 1080 x 1080) or (4:5, 1080 x 1350) or (9:16, 1080 x 1920)
      • min 300dpi
      • Finished, re-touched, Hi-Res Images
      • Max image size: 30 MB
      • Additional (not mandatory): You can use the SAW this / MADE this templates on your work
    • Video:
      • (1:1, 1080 x 1080) or (4:5, 1080 x 1350) or (9:16, 1080 x 1920)
      • Max video size: 4GB
      • Pro Res .mov and MP4
      • Maximum length x10 seconds for each video (SAW this and MADE this)
      • Additional (not mandatory): You can use the SAW this / MADE this templates on your work
Based on a 1761 recipe, Bombay Sapphire gin is created by perfectly balancing a unique combination of 10 hand-selected exotic botanicals from around the world. The BOMBAY distillery at Laverstoke Mill has won a BREEAM award for sustainability and is the home of the unique Vapour Infusion process, where the natural flavours of the botanicals are skillfully captured, resulting in the fresh and vibrant taste with which Bombay Sapphire is synonymous. 


At Bombay Sapphire, we believe that creativity is essential to being human and that it can be found everywhere if you reframe the way you look at the world. Bombay Sapphire has a rich history of working with the creative community, for example, Tracy Emin and Thomas Heatherwick and this is just the beginning.

Bombay Sapphire will choose 8 to 10 Selected Creators based on their work. Each will:
  • Potentially have their work showcased across Bombay Sapphire social media channels for the SAW this MADE this campaign!
  • Receive £1,000 each
  • Who is eligible: This opportunity is open globally and you need to be at least 25 years of age at the time of submission. Employees and their immediate family and household members of Bombay Sapphire (BACARDI) and Talenthouse are not eligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.
  • Limit fifteen (15) submissions per creator or team.
  • Please note, that during the Submission Period, your submission may be featured on Bombay Sapphire (BACARDI) social media channels with credit given to you.
  • Submissions will not be visible to the public until after the submission period.
  • All submissions must be your own original work (meaning you are not allowed to use third-party pre-existing copyright materials and/or stock imagery in your submission) except for the material provided by Bombay Sapphire (BACARDI) and the SAW this inspirational part of your submission. All rights in and to the material provided are reserved by Bombay Sapphire (BACARDI).
  • All submissions must follow the format described in the 'What and how do I submit?' section.
  • How to submit: Click on the ‘Participate’ tab and follow the instructions.
  • Please add a short description in English explaining the inspiration or creative process behind your work. Please use the 'Say something about your submission' section within your submission.
  • We advise you to carefully read the "Things to consider" section above.
  • If you are not selected, you will retain ownership in the original portions of your work. However, by submitting you hereby grant Bombay Sapphire (BACARDI) a worldwide, non-exclusive, unlimited, royalty-free license, to use your submitted work across their various online and social media platforms. If your work is used, you will of course be credited accordingly and notified.
  • If you are a ‘Selected Creator', you will be required to grant a global, limited, non-exclusive, digital license for one (1) year in the selected work to Bombay Sapphire for the incentives set forth above. The Selected Creators will have to sign a License Agreement and the Awardee Agreement. Please note that submissions can be used by you for personal, non-commercial and portfolio (including owned social channels) use only.
  • If selected, you may be asked to modify your work to fit production requirements. This may be up to 1 round of minor edits.
  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.
  • During the selection period, Talenthouse will reach out to those being shortlisted. You must respond to Talenthouse within forty-eight (48) hours or else you will forfeit all incentives. For the verification, you will be asked to provide the original files of your work and a scan of your ID.
  • Talenthouse reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions as well as submissions that do not fit the brief, these guidelines or Official Rules (see below).
  • No purchase necessary to enter or be selected.
  • You now have the option to open up an ElloU bank account to get paid if you are a national and passport holder of one of these countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Finland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, and Sweden. ElloU will be the cheapest service for you to pay and receive money. You can read more here and can download the ElloU app from the App Store or Google Play by searching for ElloU. If ElloU does not apply to you, we can still pay your incentive by bank transfer (no cost to you) or PayPal (you will pay a 4% fee).
Bombay Sapphire and their agency AMVBBDO will select from all qualified submissions. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.

The judging criteria is based on Creativity (25%), Originality (25%) and Overall Understanding of the theme (50%).
Key Dates
  • Launch:
    July 27, 2022 at 10:00 AM
  • Submission Deadline:
    August 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM
  • Selection Period Starts:
    August 29, 2022 at 5:00 PM
  • Creators Selected:
    October 12, 2022 at 9:00 AM
All times are in London Local Time.