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December 20, 2022

What a year it is for football! Already this year we’ve seen the UEFA European Women's Football Championship, leagues around the world are back in full swing and now coming up in November the World Cup kicks off at the Al Bayt Stadium in Qatar!

With the looming World Cup starting in November, we know what you have been waiting for! So we want to know - how do you are getting ready for the tournament? We know you’ve been waiting and strategizing for four years, but now is your chance to showcase your passion!

National World is looking for inspirational videos that show the impact of football on the lives of girls, boys, women and men from around the world. The World Cup is a global event, where all voices and all of the global talent get to be seen. We want to offer the chance to our global community to showcase pride, humour and the spirit of the sport through video!

It's important that you give us as much detail as possible about why, how and when you captured your video in the 'say something about your submission' box. National World will be monitoring submissions throughout the submission period and have set an Early Submission Deadline so they can be responsive and reactive to standout entries. Please make sure you get back to us in a timely fashion if you receive an email from us about your video!

For this brief, create short videos, between 30 - 60 seconds and tell us how you enjoy the games throughout the World Cup! We want to see the moments between it all. We know the highlights, but there are snippets of humanity happening between every goal! We want to see those. From your community, to your favourite rituals or even how you showcase your fandom! We want to know, wherever and whoever you are, what makes your football experience special, your team the best, and your country the most likely to win the cup!

We know the World Cup is not your average football season - it is bigger, global and more personal! How does your preparation for it feel unique and different from other seasons? We want to know how you support football, and how it is ingrained in your life, and community. How you celebrate the Cup!

The videos should be fun, authentic, engaging and as real as possible. A real burst of energy! We want to see the prep work and emotions during and after the games! No need for a full production, we want to see the passion first!

If you think you have something interesting to tell us about how you experience football, submit your videos now! If one of your videos is selected to feature on National World’s website you’ll receive £1000 and your clips could go on to inspire a whole story that will be featured in one of National World’s publications.

When you submit videos, think about this…we don’t just want great clips…we want the great stories behind them.
  • We want to see your stories - show us a narrative in your videos! Not just moments in time.

  • We want you to capture the celebrations, commiserations, rituals and match preparations of football fans across the world. Authentic, defining moments which express the passion, exhilaration and camaraderie of football fandom in your local area.

  • We are looking for shareable videos which are humorous, emotive, heart-tugging and impactful.

  • We are not looking to capture the matches, but rather we want to focus the photos on you, your community and the behind the scene moments of being a fan.

  • Please use the 'say something about your submission' section when you upload your video – we want to know about the context of your video, where you filmed it, who you featured, why you captured this footage. National World wants to hear your stories so tell us - you could be featured in a wider editorial piece within this publication.

  • Videos should be anywhere from 30-60 seconds in length, shot in portrait (9:16) or landscape (16:9)

  • You don't have to submit fully produced edited videos, raw real clips that can come straight from your smartphone will work really well! But you can of course, scale-up to a large format camera if it’s available to you!


  • DO capture your key moments of the football season so far!

  • DO make it feel real, authentic and intimate.

  • DO showcase the fun, the lighthearted, and emotional aspect of being a football fan.

  • DO feel free to showcase your team jersey’s or merch!

  • DONT submit work or ideas not created by you.

  • DONT submit any previously uploaded work. We are looking for new content.
National World is a news brand based in the UK, made up of journalists, editors, video producers and designers. Their aim is to produce incisive, informed and intelligent coverage of issues that matters. They endeavour to shift the focus to the people, places and perspectives which are still often underreported and unheard in the media. With a team that includes specialists in national and international news and sport, data journalism, investigations and video, they cover the issues they believe our readers are genuinely passionate about, rather than the noise generated by social media.

A maximum of 10 videos will be selected as 'Selected Creators'.

Each 'Selected Creator' for a 12-month, global editorial licence will receive:
  • £1,000 for each selected video.
  • Potentially be shared in one of National World's publications.
  • All submissions must be your own original work.

  • Limit 15 submissions per creator or teams.
  • How to submit: Click on the ‘Participate’ tab and follow the instructions. Your work must be submitted in MP4 format, max. size 292MB. Please retain your original source files in the highest quality possible. Please no photography.

  • Please add a short description in English explaining the inspiration behind your work. Please use the 'Say something about your submission' section within your submission.

  • We advise you to carefully read the 'Things to Consider' section above.

  • If you are not selected, you will retain ownership of the original portions of your work. However, by submitting you hereby grant National World; a worldwide, non-exclusive, editorial license from Open Brief launch, for up to 3 months after the Selected Creator Announcement, to use your submitted work across their various online and social media platforms. If your work is used, you will be credited accordingly.

  • If you are a ‘Selected Creator’, you will be required to assign a worldwide, exclusive, editorial, 12-month license in and to the selected work to National World for the specified incentives. Upon selection, you will be required to sign a License Agreement and the Awardee Agreement.

  • If selected, you may be asked to modify your work to fit production requirements.

  • Please provide an active email address when registering with Talenthouse to ensure you can be contacted should you be selected.

  • During the Selection Period, Talenthouse will reach out to those being shortlisted. You must respond to Talenthouse within forty-eight (48) hours or else you will forfeit all incentives. For the verification, you will be asked to provide the original files of your work and a scan of your ID.

  • Talenthouse reserves the right to remove inappropriate, offensive and harmful submissions as well as submissions that do not fit the brief, these guidelines or Official Rules (see below).

  • No purchase is necessary to enter or be selected.


National World will select from all qualified submissions. A qualified submission is one which meets all the Terms & Conditions, Guidelines and Official Rules.

The judging criteria are based on Creativity (40%), Originality (30%) and Overall Understanding of the theme (30%).


Launch: Tuesday 18th October

Early Entry Submission Deadline: Monday 14th November

Submission Deadline: Monday 5th December, 5pm

Selected Creator Announcement: Tuesday 20th December

All times in London local time (GMT)