Designer, product developer an creative mastermind with more than 25 years of experience. I am charge of strategy, conception and branding in the NNWest network. Logos and corporate design are my passion. I rarely settle for the first solution. Exacting and sincere I detest standard solutions: “Revolution happens every day”! \\\ Our Brand Identity Manifesto \\\ Just like people, brands are inevitably subject to continuous development (transformations). Making branding decisions means thinking ahead, being able to anticipate future requirements so as to facilitate the sustainable, positive development of a product, a service or a brand. Where brand management is concerned, short-term action is nearly always risky. Brands are inactive systems. Our brand-identity manifesto describes the complex life cycle of a brand as follows: Brands exist according to a genetic code. Brands crave education. Brands need scope for development. Brands grow continuously. Brands develop character. Brands are allowed to make mistakes. Brands function according to clear rules. Brands correlate with their environment. Brands are distinctive individuals. Brands are like people – they exist in every moment.