I like to depict my mental states. The colors are reflections of our moods. I invite you to follow me in this trip and explore the inner world. What is hard to describe in words can be understood in the language of colors and shapes. I hope my works will find reflection in your feelings. U dont have to fix you imagination on the picture name, just free ur fantasy and find something for yourself. Colors influence our bodies and minds, they make bad days bright and transform emotions. What i offer to the viewer is a mirror of art and how you see yourself in it. May be now u are only able to see the little part of the whole image, but with the time it changes. I would like my pics to live their life in the world. I can imagine my pics decorating empty walls, spreading on the fabrics, getting virtual life as design items for books, electronics, smartphones, computers, becoming the best part of the home and ofice spirit. Enjoy my friends! -Esfir P.S. I watched many beautiful design items, videos and photos on this site. I loved them all. I think they are all unique, their authors did a great job!