Fausto Ramirez, Ecuadorian illustrator based in Guayaquil. I've worked illustrating didactic texts and worksheets for publishing companies like Ediciones 3E, Pramadi, That Book, and Editoriales Cabezas. I've collaborated in the creation of sketches and storyboards for advertisement of brands such as Canela TV, Alka-Seltzer and Direct TV. I also worked in comics and advertisement for Super Paco and the Paco Express Line, as well as the redesign of the McDougal cereal mascots. Conceptual art for Mall del Sur's Operation Christmas and their mascots Futurist Santa Claus (2013), and Archeologist Santa Claus (2014) I've made illustrations for digital media for TONI Corp., magazines and comics covers among other projects for Guayaquil COMIC CLUB, and many other personal projects and illustrations.