Marcos André Cavalcante Almeida, visual artist, poet and graphic designer born on November 10, 1966 in Brasília-DF. Her parent: Dilza de Holanda Cavalcante was born in Florence, Italy. Registered with the Secretariat of Culture of Brasília-DF under Nº 245/11 and Ent and Cultural Agent. Between 2014 and 2015 he participated in the events of the Brazilian Association of Drawing and Visual Arts ABD, Rio de Janeiro, in which he became recognized as a comendador artist, was awarded in contests of art and literature salons with three gold medals, two special medals, a prominent medal, a trophy in literature. Contemplated with a trophy (ABD Cultural Excellence Award 2013) and one (Elizabeth Kinga Best of the Year 2015 trophy), a JCarlos cultural merit medal and a comendator medal. He was awarded an Honorable Mention certificate in the literature competition of the ADABL Association of Graduates of the Brazilian Academy of Letters Rio de Janeiro. He made four exhibitions at SESC in Brasília-DF and one at the Demonstrative Library. He has poems published in anthology and collection by Editora Celeiro de Escritores - São Paulo. Publications in anthology journals: EISFLUÊNCIAS and FÊNIX de Portugal. Certificate of the 2018 Artmajeur Award contest with 215 votes. Platinum category. Marcos André Cavalcante Almeida, his Italian descent brings in his vein the blood, which is the love for the arts, which he inherited from his brilliant Renaissance ancestors.