Dennisio (Denny Eschrich) has been writing songs, poems, and lyrics for 25 years. His lyrics and poems have appeared in various anthologies and publications. Denny has produced eight CDs of completely original music: "The Great Dennisio - Admit One Free" - 2001. "Dennisio - Still Raw" - 2003. “Dennisio – Man and Guitar” – 2005 “Dennisio – Recital” – 2007 “Dennisio – Holiday” – 2009 “Dennisio – Sounds Like Me” – 2015 “Dennisio – Earth” – 2016 “Dennisio – Seek” – 2016 Denny enjoys playing live and raw, just him and guitar in an intimate setting. Appearances include Chameleon Music Lounge and Bookstore in Johnstown, PA, Laurel Arts in Somerset, PA, and multiple appearances at the Pennsylvania Singer-Songwriter Festival in Lewisburg, PA His shows include mostly original compositions: acoustic rock, folk, pop and alternative with a scattering of cover songs from 1950-1980. Denny's plans include more live performances, more recording, and increasing his internet presence. Influences: Rock and folk from 1960 to 1980. Heroes: Pete Townshend, Jim Morrison, The Allman Brothers, Joni Mitchell.