Using a humorous and often light touch, artist and graphic designer Delphine Perrot creates art works and interventions that subvert and shift our perspectives, lifting us from the mundane.With an obsession for text and communication, Perrot a trained graphic designer emulates and deploys techniques used in common commercial advertising (historical and typographical) to reappropriate well known and iconic slogans/messages in unexpected situations. It is not about selling anymore, but about surprising, entertaining and opening new possibilities and performances. These works and messages manifest themselves in different contexts and diverse places and are often poetical and whimsical. The viewer is asked to look at things afresh, draw our attention to them, and in some cases viewers are invited to change their meanings. She blends her background as a designer, art teacher and visual artist. The roots of her artistic journey have allowed her to work around the world: Paris, London, Rio de Janeiro, and Buenos Aires. She works on international projects and speaks four languages: French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.