Well you already know my name so I may as well let you know a little more about me, I am a multi-talented artist, songwriter and composer born and bred in the one and only United Kingdom. I have always had an ear for music and all my musicality skills come from my Heart and Soul. I’ve learned by listening to what’s going on around me, from the atmosphere in the streets to that little pop sound you hear in your favourite track. Before I started singing I was a poet without even knowing! I would write down all my feelings and emotions on a page and that quiet voice inside told me to sing them out! Singing allows me to express my hidden feelings and allow my vibes to service when I sing… Growing up you could say I was shy, But in my eyes the world wasn’t ready and that little voice inside built up and with each song I created or track I composed that voice and became my own. I always try and find creative ways to implement those sounds featured in my music which is to give you that little essence as to what I’m feeling whilst creating that track or writing those lyrics. Come In!! :) I have worked with some amazing artists and people since I became an artist and I have to say my dream has started. I DaVina Invite you to Share My dreams xx