ART DIRECTOR, MULTIMEDIA AND VIDEO MEDIA EDITOR VISUALISER, IDEA MAKER, FILMS DIRECTOR, ARTIST, PHOTOGRAPHER, CAMERAMAN, ACTOR - DARIUS ILGEVIČIUS. I wish to be the part of "Talenthouse". About myself: I have a lot experiences like marketing specialist, pr. specialist, lector - deeper: designer, art-worker, decorator, copywriter, films director, video editor, photographer, retoucher, performer, painter, producer. My experiences with famous Lithuanian brands: Lithuanian Police Logistics Center - consultant. Lithuanian Police Department, representative of public relations, consultant. Freelance artwoker - artistic breaks in Lithuanian MTV. Training and education center “Žinių gausa”. Myltimedia Teacher. Advertise and TV shows director “Penki tv”. European Hit Radio, copywriter. Individual audio-visual project.Studied Visual Arts in the Lithuanian Čiurlionis Art School, Academy of Arts (photo - video arts), Academy of Music and Theatre. The global creative world, shortage with ideas, they asking, looking something new, for sure i have something to offer ."My both brain circles working at the same time - mirror writing - proof of it". Using - Adobe Photoshop, Premier, After Effects, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Wacom... Vignettes- advertise video, teasers, etudes (before the line): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdnYeEVI-Zo Documentary - between documentary and video art and fiction http://www.youtube.com/user/dilgevicius FB - Darius Ilgevicius LUCKY NUMBERS +37069901595 Name: Darius Ilgevicius Nationality: Lithuanian Sex: male Age: 41 Place of birth: Vilnius, Lithuania MR. DARIUS ILGEVICIUS ALGIRDO STREET 18 - 7, VILNIUS, LT03218 LITHUANIA ................. darius.ilgevicius@gmail.com