Daniel’s childhood was spent fishing off the wooden jetty in the tiny fishing village of Choiseul. The sea became his second home and he spent hours under the blistering sun gazing at the vibrant colors of tiny wrasse attacking his bait. To Daniel, fishing was much more than catching fish; he found the whole experience exhilarating and painting became a way of capturing a tiny part of this bliss. Daniel is constantly inspired by his island home but laments that most people become so accustomed to their surroundings that they overlook the exquisite beauty around them. Through his artwork, he hopes to reignite an awakening to this free gift and urges us to take a moment to notice the colors and dancing light next time we go fishing. This is the lighting effect he strives to capture in his art. Besides his unique artistry, what makes Daniel’s creations particularly special is his use of 10mm Habotai silk as his canvas. The silk’s translucency and natural luster enhance the colors and add a special vibrancy. Daniel is also the originator of the shimmering light water technique, creating delicate hues of color and light by painting wet-on-wet method in which liquid paints are delicately applied using small Sumi bamboo sheep hair brushes. The silk is positioned flat while suspended on a stretcher so that the wet colors can bleed freely on the fabric. The finished piece is water resistant and lightfast, ready for framing behind glass.