I am a professional publicist with an emphasis on Planning and Brand Performance and together I am a photographer with a focus on product lifestyle and fashion arts. My affinity for marketing, creativity, technology and innovation has led me to play different roles and build a trajectory of almost 11 years, many of them immersed in multinationals in the technology industry, in companies such as: Sony, Apple, HTC, Harman Kardon, Huawei, Samsung among others; From there I learned to develop business strategies, make market openings, generate opportunities for improvement and develop conceptualization, creation, direction and start-up in production for media such as ATL, BTL, SM, and among other related to the marketing role. Together with these 11 years of experience, I have worked together for 5 years as a freelance photographer for different brands ranging from small businesses, through assistance in the direction of light and image for different national producers, plus editing and workflows in postproduction for Renowned artist photographers, until becoming a special commissioner for multinationals such as Heineken parent company Amsterdam and its Latin brand Cerveza Sol, for Molson Coors parent company Canada and its flagship brand Miller Lite, directing the conceptualization and creation of stock images for Your global campaigns This trajectory has made me a proactive, creative, self-taught and open person in return, in favor of undertaking and executing, but also to listen and give knowledge to a work team, and in this way give quick solutions to the different problems that are generated in a process, either to culminate successfully or turn the failure into a growth and progress experience for the next challenge. This is #ByCrisLozano.