I'm a professional publicist with an emphasis on Planning and Brand Performance and together I am a photographer with a focus on product lifestyle and fashion arts. My affinity for marketing, creativity, technology and innovation has led me to play different roles and build a trajectory of 11 years, many of them immersed in multinationals in the technology industry such as Sony, Apple, HTC , Harman Kardon, Motorola, Huawei, Samsung among others, developing the conceptualization, creation, direction and implementation of advertising campaigns, production of communication for ATL, BTL and MD, among other areas of the marketing profession. Together in these 11 years of experience I have worked 5 years as a freelance photographer, for different brands from small startups of friends, through invitations of local brands to make their images of advertising campaigns, until being commissioned for multinationals such as Heineken (Cerveza Sol) or Molson Coors (Miller Lite Beer), thanks to the Talenthouse platform.   Today I work so that my photographic image carries the best narrative quality, so I love to work with everything organic possible and take advantage of the elements of the moment, such as natural light and its shadows, I also try to always take my frames so that the viewer can Feeling identified with the situations and brands that are visualizing at the moment and injecting each image with a personal watermark that is evidenced in the colormetry and noise that I generate in post production as an ode to the art of cinema.