Produce world AR with Spark AR, this brief is to create 3D objects in the wild!
Capture the moments where we are positively impacting our planet to create a cleaner, healthier world!
DKNY are inviting creators to design one-of-a-kind multimedia artwork utilizing the D-K-N-Y logo
We're asking young creators to tell us about themselves for the chance to become a Kid Creative Director
Create engaging photos, short videos, gifs, or pieces of original art inspired by the UN's Verified #OnlyTogether campaign!
Join Ello in celebrating Black History Month by showing them your creative vision of a more equal and culturally inclusive world and future.
Create a photo series showcasing real men who like to take care of themselves in everyday situations.
Show us your work from home creative space, as a digital illustration, photograph or gif
Celebrate the DC Multiverse by submitting work that showcases your originality and uniqueness
Our partners at Ello want to see your unique perspective on equality. Share your vision of a more inclusive world
Create visual artwork that is inspired by method's, "There's Good Inside"
Throughout March we're celebrating Women's History Month. Design and share your inspiring artwork!
Design inspiring multimedia artwork to honor 2020's coolest hue!
Inspire people to discover beauty throughout Germany for the German National Tourist Office.
Photographers are invited to capture authentic, original photos of social drinking occasions for Miller Lite.
Artists from Asia Pacific are invited to share their best work of all time with Talenthouse.
Artists from around the world are invited to create pattern artwork that change every normal piece into an it-piece.
Artists are invited to develop a brand new premium haircare for female customers in Japan.
Artists are invited to develop a new skincare brand and product for 'stressed' skin.
Artists from around the world are invited to celebrate International Women's Day in a creative way!
Artists around the world are invited to submit artwork that speaks on culturally relevant moments.
Artists from around the world are invited to create artwork inspired by all things Chinese New Year.
GM is calling on creative thinkers to develop the name for a new future-facing eBike brand!
Artists are invited to create artwork inspired by Jimdo's slogan "Your Ideas Change Everything".