Produce world AR with Spark AR, this brief is to create 3D objects in the wild!
We are looking to uncover Creatives who are knowledgeable in Adobe After Effects!
Learn how to make your own augmented reality effects with our free course with Facebook Spark AR.
We're asking young creators to tell us about themselves for the chance to become a Kid Creative Director
Create a cameo sticker pack for Snapchat that captures different emotions and themes!
Create artwork that captures world unity and the positivity of people coming together
Capture 1 of the 17 Global Goals in a piece of artwork that inspires others to take positive action
Create fun immersive AR experiences in Lens Studio and express your creativity
Create a sharable AR Filter for Instagram, inspired by Dua Lipa's song "Hallucinate"
Our partners at Ello want to see your unique perspective on equality. Share your vision of a more inclusive world
Design an impactful and sharable AR lens inspired by Coolabi's Warrior Cats