Create a piece of art for Bombay Sapphire inspired by the colors, elements, and sensations of Brazilian summers
Bombay Sapphire wants you to be inspired by the colors & sensations that only the warmest seasons of the year can provide!
Learn how to use Unreal Engine to build a challenging obstacle course
Expand your Unreal Engine level-building skills by building an obstacle course for players to traverse. Open to 16+ years!
Create artwork inspired by Positive Financial Habits for Nationwide’s Instagram channel
Nationwide is back! We would love to see social assets centred around “Financial Habits”
Create artwork and poetry to express your views on Black Futures and Environmentalism
We are calling for Young Creators to tell us their vision about the topics of Black Environmentalism and Afro-Futurism.
Design bold and original limited edition packaging for The Glenlivet’s 200th anniversary
Celebrate The Glenlivet's 200th anniversary by breaking tradition and creating something truly original!
How Do You Celebrate Latin X Culture?
We are interested to see how you celebrated the Lantix culture, and what it means to you.
Create one-of-a-kind work inspired by Black Adam!
Think outside of the box for this Open Brief to capture the action-packed, disruptive tone that makes Black Adam.
Reimagine the Sailor Jerry brand by creating unique & modern artwork
Sailor Jerry would like you to reimagine a fresh and modern take on the current brand by creating unique artwork!
Learn how to use Unreal Engine to build a sci-fi outpost from a library of futuristic 3D assets
Create a sci-fi base using Unreal Engine. Open to 16+ years of age so go crazy!
Create digitally illustrated artwork inspired by the game, Gotham Knights!
Batman is gone. Gotham needs new heroes. Creative heroes. Think you have what it takes?
Create artwork inspired by money mindfulness for Nationwide’s Instagram channel
Nationwide is back! We would like to see assets centred around “Money Mindfulness”.
Celebrate Women In Sport!
Submit creative work in any form that celebrates women in sport!
Show us the creative inspiration you see in the world for Bombay Sapphire 'Saw This' 'Made this'
Welcome back, Bombay Sapphire! Share your new or existing “saw this, made this” inspired creative work
What does 'the power of creativity' mean to you?
We are calling for Young Creators to tell us what creativity means for them!
Create digitally illustrated poster artwork inspired by Three Thousand Years of Longing
We are longing to see your work inspired by Three Thousand Years of Longing!
Show Us Your Portfolio Creating Comics
We are calling out for the comic book enthusiasts out there! Show us your portfolio creating comics.
Create unique digitally illustrated poster designs inspired by the upcoming movie, "The Woman King"
Can you capture the warrior's spirit? We can't wait to see your poster designs for "The Woman King"!
Create the design of the new "Kards" for 1939 Games
1939 Games is looking for new, high-quality, retro artwork to feature on digital cards within the Kards - World War II game.
Want to design for music labels and bands?
Creative Commission is now part of Talenthouse & your work could be used for the biggest artists in the world!
Create imaginative animations to celebrate the launch of Bombay Citron Pressé
Celebrate the launch of Bombay Citron Pressé and create refreshing Presse & Tonic cocktail animations!
Create artwork inspired by mutual respect for Nationwide’s Instagram channel
What does 'Mutual Respect' mean to you? Design mixed media assets to fill Nationwide's Instagram! UK only brief
Join the Climate Change Movement with Arts Help—$3.5 Million in grants! (Round 2)
The world needs your art! Arts Help is giving $3.5 mil to artists creating work about Climate Change & Blockchain.
Come up with short stories inspired by comic book writing
Show us your creative writing skills to be potentially commissioned for future projects with Talenthouse!