Create one-of-a-kind static poster artwork for Venom: Let There Be Carnage inspired by the latest trailer.
DKNY are inviting creators to design one-of-a-kind multimedia artwork utilizing the D-K-N-Y logo
Create one-of-a-kind digitally illustrated poster artwork for Disney's Jungle Cruise!
Create festive packaging designs for Seagram's Imperial Blue whisky, targeting end of year festivities.
Inspired by Bombay Sapphire Sunset, produce beautiful static pieces of artwork that capture sunsets!
Create a documentary-style film of a local small business that has adapted using digital tools in the face of COVID.
Show us what Respect means to you inspired by Respect, starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin.
Show us how BodyMark® by BIC® skin-safe temporary body markers are a fun and easy tool for self-expression.
We are looking to uncover Creatives who are knowledgeable in Adobe After Effects!
Try out creative writing for Fulham FC Foundation!
Learn how to make your own augmented reality effects with our free course with Facebook Spark AR.
Create poster artwork inspired by "Umbrella Corp" for potential use in the upcoming film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City!
Create artwork inspired by Star Trek™ Fleet Command Scopely wants to see artwork celebrating Star Trek™ Fleet Command’s The Next Generation expansion!
Create artwork for a t-shirt or vinyl record sleeve for a Universal Music band
Bree Runway is the glamourous, gangsta, hot girl of pop music who is unashamedly herself. For this brief, Bree Runway invites global creators to produce original artwork (static & moving) that brings her image and personality to life.
Welcome to the Jam! Show us what you've got with artwork celebrating the launch of the film, Space Jam: A New Legacy.
Celebrate your home and community with artwork inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda's, In The Heights.
We're asking young creators to tell us about themselves for the chance to become a Kid Creative Director
Create engaging photos, short videos, gifs, or pieces of original art inspired by the UN's Verified #OnlyTogether campaign!
Create memes to celebrate the action packed new film, Godzilla vs. Kong.
Create Limited Edition designs for Harrogate to celebrate the Royal Albert Hall’s 150th Anniversary in 2021!
Unleash your creativity and create one-of-a-kind artwork inspired by the upcoming film, Mortal Kombat.
Ipanema is looking for joyful & energetic static pieces of artwork for their global campaign that celebrates femininity!
Join Ello in celebrating Black History Month by showing them your creative vision of a more equal and culturally inclusive world and future.