Calling Young Creators to participate in Universal Music Group briefs on Untitled!
Do you know a Young Creator aged 10 - 18 who has an interest in art and design, photography or creative writing?
Create world AR effects using Spark AR Studio
Produce world AR with Spark AR, this brief theme is to gamify your world and animate the inanimate!
Design a disruptive gift pack for Bombay Sapphire inspired by their mission to “Stir Creativity”
Stir your creativity to design the most talked about piece of branded packaging for Bombay Sapphire!
Create a design for the hull of cruise ship MSC Euribia
Design an artwork inspired by the marine environment for the hull of MSC EURIBIA.
Create artwork that captures your comic book style!
Show us your comic book style to be potentially commissioned for future projects with Talenthouse!
Create Artwork for Pabst Blue Ribbon's Art Can Contest 2022
To celebrate the 10th Art Can Contest, PBR invites you to create and submit your two-toned Can Design!
Create artwork inspired by the upcoming film Morbius
Create digitally illustrated poster artwork that delves into the true character of Dr. Michael Morbius.
Create 3D objects in the wild using Spark AR
Produce world AR with Spark AR, this brief is to create 3D objects in the wild!
Universal Music's Black Story: Call For Portfolios
Universal Music is looking to uncover emerging black animators from the UK.
Create Poster Artwork Inspired by Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City
Create poster artwork inspired by Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City.
Create artwork inspired by the upcoming film Last Night In Soho
Create one-of-a-kind static artwork that embodies the tone and style of the film.
Photograph our positive impact on the planet
Capture the moments where we are positively impacting our planet to create a cleaner, healthier world!
Show Us Your DC Super Fandom!
Celebrate the DC Multiverse by submitting work that showcases your originality and uniqueness.
Create Fan Art for the DC FanDome Event 2021
Create static artwork for DC's virtual Fandome that captures iconic DC characters for DC Universe!
Design Limited Edition Festive Packaging For Seagram's Imperial Blue Whisky
Create festive packaging designs for Seagram's Imperial Blue whisky, targeting end of year festivities.
Create a piece of art for Bombay Sapphire inspired by the moment of sunset
Inspired by Bombay Sapphire Sunset, produce beautiful static pieces of artwork that capture sunsets!
All Aboard: Calling all artists to create digitally illustrated static artwork and posters inspired by Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie!
Create one-of-a-kind digitally illustrated poster artwork for Disney's Jungle Cruise!
Ingenious by Pollinate In Collaboration with Mastercard: Call For Filmmakers
Create a documentary-style film of a local small business that has adapted using digital tools in the face of COVID.
Create Unique Letterform Artwork Inspired by the Upcoming Biopic RESPECT
Show us what Respect means to you inspired by Respect, starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin.
Create vertical videos using BodyMark® by BIC® Body Markers
Show us how BodyMark® by BIC® skin-safe temporary body markers are a fun and easy tool for self-expression.
Do you create in After Effects? Share your portfolio!
We are looking to uncover Creatives who are knowledgeable in Adobe After Effects!
Create poster artwork for the upcoming film, Venom: Let There Be Carnage
Create one-of-a-kind static poster artwork for Venom: Let There Be Carnage inspired by the latest trailer.
Design artwork for DKNY's new logo!
DKNY are inviting creators to design one-of-a-kind multimedia artwork utilizing the D-K-N-Y logo
Creative writing piece for Fulham FC Foundation
Try out creative writing for Fulham FC Foundation!